Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning


I am finally feeling better! Hooray! I started feeling better on Thursday when an impending deadline forced me to go back to work. By Friday, I was as good as new. I even worked 10 hours and didn’t feel completely wiped after! There are a lot of really weird illnesses going around at my office right now. I think I have had to stay home sick 4 days this winter already! I work in Payroll too, so staying home a lot is not really an option for me.

Yesterday, my husband and I had my parents over for dinner! We just moved into a new apartment in November. My parents have been over to see it, but with the holidays, we had not been able to get them over for more than just a few minutes. I made chicken marsala in the crock pot with risotto and a spinach salad. For dessert, we had chocolate pudding with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. I made the risotto with brown jasmine rice, since it is what I had on hand, and I think I actually like it better than the traditional arborio rice! The brown rice made the dish more flavorful. Making risotto really flavorful can be a challenge sometimes. With the chicken, cooking it in the crock pot is definitely the way to go. It becomes so flavorful, and just basically falls apart, with little or no effort on my part. The only dud was the pudding. I make the same chocolate pudding recipe every 6 months or so, and half the time it doesn’t set! Which is what happened last night. But, then it was like cold hot chocolate, which was actually really delicious! Hopefully some day I can figure out the trick to making that pudding!

The assignment on Friday for Blogging 101 was to change the theme of the blog. The goal was to try different looks, because you never know what could work! I think I tried 10 different themes, and as you can see, I stuck with the one I had originally. There were a few I really liked, but I feel like until I know for sure what the focus if this blog is, I am totally satisfied with how it looks. If it turns into something where I post a lot of pictures or have a unifying theme for every post, I might change the theme then.

I think my biggest struggle with blogging is how to end posts. I almost feel like I need to come up with some kind of tagline that I put at the end of every post to make it feel… complete. Like, “Happy trails!” Or, “Until next time!” I generally just write until I can’t think of anything else, and then just stop writing. But, there is no conclusion to that, and for some reason that bothers me! Maybe it’s because in high school we wrote so many essays and there was always such a huge emphasis on conclusions! Apparently their teaching methods worked, since I am still living by them over 10 years later!

Maybe I’ll end every post with some random thought that goes on way too long…


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

  1. haha, i have trouble picking out themes and trying to change what i had on my blog. I feel like whatever worked for you before probably doesnt need a replacement.
    I don’t really leave much room for endings (or beginnings/greetings) either. my posts usually just end whenever I’m done delivering my message, almost like a tweet.

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