We’re Just Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl


I have had the hardest time with blogging this week. This is pretty obvious by the fact that I haven’t posted anything… A lot of it boils down to the fact that I am not very good at describing myself. Especially not in ways that I think other people would find interesting. I also generally consider myself to be such a flawed person that I don’t like owning up to it. I am not proud of that. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that as much as I may have a “dream reader” and as much as I may want to build a following, it won’t be worth it if I can’t be myself.

This week, I did manage to change my blog theme so that I can have widgets and perhaps edit some visual elements better. I decided I also like the colors more as well! I also found some fellow bloggers that have inspired me, which is so great because I really needed some inspiration this week! I am going to talk about 3 blogs I found. Hopefully they will inspire some of you as well!

First up, I read this post about how she is finally becoming more confident in her job. I frequently feel the same way, like I am not worthy of my job. Obviously we both are, since we are still employed. And so many times we are our own worst critics. But, when some level of confidence is finally achieved, it makes work SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Secondly, I found a ton of inspiration in One Year of Not Dieting in which the author discusses the downfalls of dieting and how she finally gave up trying to be thin in favor of being healthy. I have had issues with my weight for just about as long as I can remember. It has had a dramatic impact on my confidence and willingness to put myself out there to meet people or go after new jobs and networking opportunities. It wawas amazing to read about someone who has had similar struggles but seems to be thriving with a healthy mind set. Fat shaming is so harmful, and does little to benefit the people it is aimed at. She really inspired me to search within myself for the love and respect I deserve.

Finally, I had a lovely conversation with @kassandralane about her post which is actually for the same Blogging 101 assignment! She was inspired by a post and wrote something that, in turn, inspired me! Essentially, she wrote about being afraid to be authentic on her blog, because sometimes her posts won’t be positive. I think we both agree that being authentic is more important. This blog made a me decide to pick myself up and write something here, even if it’s scary or overwhelming.

Who knows, maybe it will be worth it!


9 thoughts on “We’re Just Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl

  1. It would be totally worth it! If there’s anything I have learnt, we need to stop second guessing ourselves. I had the same thing. I suppose it only takes the first step to get you through that barrier you have in your head. There’s always someone who doesn’t like or will like your stuff..and for those who don’t stuff it! it’s your blog. 🙂 I hope you find more inspiration, courage and support in the community. 🙂

    • Thank you for that! It is so true that there is no way to please everyone! So far, I have found a ton of support through Blogging 101, the mental block would be so much worse if I were trying this on my own!

  2. I agree with you that being sincere is more important than being “gripping”. Personally, I like seeing the rawness that comes when people aren’t always “happy” all the time, but they’re trying to navigate life the best way they can. Besides, Adele’s music is much better when she’s angsty lol. Wishing you bravery!


    • Thank you for reading, Ava! I totally agree about Adele! Love her! I wish more people would realize that flaws aren’t something to be ashamed of, and actually can make things like blog posts and music more interesting!

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