On Sunday night, my husband and I watched a documentary called Fed Up which is essentially about childhood obesity (which is a huge problem here in America) and how sugar consumption is a huge cause. Even though the movie focuses on children, it is a problem for adults too. My husband and I both have been unhappy about our weight for a while, but fixing it always seems like an uphill battle. This year, however, we have decided that we want to start working on improving ourselves. This movie made us decide that we want to stop being addicted to sugar.

Apparently, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. And the withdrawals are horrible.

Starting on Monday (sort of), we dedicated the next 10+ days to not eating refined sugars. We decided the only source of sugar should be whatever is naturally found in fruits and vegetables (and other whole, healthy foods). We cleaned out our cupboards, we went shopping for better food, we talk about our progress throughout the day. And, honestly, I am so glad we’re doing it!

Monday, the first day, I made it until dinner without eating sugar. We allowed ourselves a “good bye” fast-food meal, which was actually really gross, so I’m glad we did it. I don’t want to eat it now. I know we probably shouldn’t have had that for dinner, because it’s really like taking a step backwards when we have dedicated ourselves to getting healthier, but it happened.

Tuesday, I ate almost all day! Just snacks, and all healthy things like raw almonds and an apple. It was like my body was trying to get the high it would normally get from sugar. And I have a huge sweet tooth, so my body was feeling pretty deprived. By the end of the day, I had a headache (probably mostly from lack of caffeine), but I was proud of myself for making it.

Today is Wednesday, and I woke up with the same headache. Until after lunch, I felt like I was getting the flu. I felt weak, dizzy, and had no concentration. I ate a good breakfast and a mandarin orange for a snack. After lunch, it’s like everything clicked. I have more energy, and my mood is a lot better than it has been in weeks. Amazingly, I have only consumed 18 grams of sugar (before dinner), which equals about 4.5 teaspoons! Normally, I would have eaten about 100 grams. If sugar and the withdrawals really make me feel so icky, I want to get over the addiction sooner rather than later.

I know it’s only day 3, and it’s not going to be a cake walk (mmm cake…), but I am so excited to do this and become healthier in the process. And, honestly, groceries weren’t any more expensive than they normally are, and we’re going to save so much money on not eating out or getting snacks all the time! I definitely don’t think this is something everyone should do, and I would have thought it was kind of crazy even a few months ago, but we were just ready to make a change in our lives, and decided that our addiction to sugar should be the first thing to go!

I am excited to keep you all updated on how this journey goes!


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