Long Time, No Posting!


What a week! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting this week! I really need to get better at that. I have a couple ideas of things I would like to post, I just haven’t been able to get around to sitting down and writing them. Sorry, dear readers!

I haven’t forgotten about you, this week has just been really reflective for me, which is good, except it makes me quiet. I have been thinking about my goals for this blog and the direction I want to take it. I also am thinking a lot about my layout and header. Also, I found out that someone has a website with the same name as my blog, which was a little disheartening. I have decided that if I am able to successfully blog for 6 months, I will work on self-hosting. It’s something I would really like to learn and be able to do, I just don’t want to put in the time and money if I am not going to have the traffic to make it something I will sustain. I think it’s a good goal, and something I can attain. To help with the process, I am reading a book called Blogging for Creatives, by Robin Houghton. It is really inspiring for me, because there are all kinds of examples of amazing blogs. It gives tons of tips and tricks as well, so it’s been a good read for me.

So, the going sugar-less thing is going really well! In case this is the first post of mine you’re reading, my husband and I decided to cut sugar out of our diets, which I sort of went into here. At first, it was horrible, I didn’t feel particularly good, and it barely seemed worth it. Now, it’s been about 13 days (besides last weekend, where I had a little bit of sugary things, and didn’t particularly like any of it). This whole week went much much better! The biggest issue has been that there are days where I come home from work and the last thing I want to do is cook a meal. It would be so much easier to get food out or bring home something in a box that takes 20 minutes and minimal effort. But, my husband and I have cooked every night, and all the food has been delicious! So, I am calling this one a win. There are still days where it’s hard, but the benefits have definitely outweighed the bad. My husband even fit into a pair of pants that are a size smaller than what he has been wearing! I’m so jealous that men are able to lose weight so much faster than women. But, I’m feeling better, and that matters too.


3 thoughts on “Long Time, No Posting!

  1. alice

    welcome back and lovely to see a post 🙂
    It does not matter that you have not posted for a few days (though it’s been missed). The good news is you have returned with ideas in mind.
    Great to hear your sugarlessnessis going well and long may it continue.
    looking forward to seeing what else comes along!

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