My Untraditional Valentine’s Day Tradition


I’ve always been a bit torn on the whole Valentine’s Day thing.

What I do love about it, however, is how my husband and I usually spend the day. You see, my husband and I have known each other since high school (so, 10+ years). He was a little older than me, and we were in a play together. We just hit it off, and became friends. We liked each other, but dating in high school never works out, and there were a few things standing in our way. Which was ok, because we have enough in common that we were able to be friends without it getting super weird. For years, we kept in touch through emails (this is before social networks, which he doesn’t really use anyway), and sometimes we wouldn’t write or talk for months, but we always replied to each other eventually. A few years ago, it just clicked, and was the right time, so we finally started dating. Within 8 months we were engaged. We have been married for almost two and a half years now.

Our first date was on Valentine’s day. On accident. He had completely forgotten it was Valentine’s day, but since I was in grad school and wasn’t home often, I agreed to the date. He felt pretty dumb when he figured out what day it was. The date was honestly a bit of a disaster, and if I hadn’t known or liked him for so long, I doubt there would have been a second date. We had to go dutch because the restaurant he chose (which is usually great and affordable) had a fixed-price menu and he didn’t bring enough money. Luckily, that was the worst date we’ve ever had.

Since then, we have honored that first not great Valentine’s day by doing things that aren’t traditional. One year, we drove an hour both ways to eat at a White Castle because I was craving it, and the closest one was an hour away. Another year, we went to a museum and ate mexican food. This year, we went back to the restaurant where we had our first date (and where he proposed, so it has some good memories) and had a delicious brunch. Then, one of my work friends got married, so we went to the wedding! And I did cry, of course! Not exactly traditional, but so incredibly us.


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