This is my cat, Scout. Last summer, when she was barely 6 months old, she was living outside. We rescued her and gave her a home! She has been challenging and wonderful. She is my wild fur baby, and she definitely keeps me on my toes!

She is named after the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird, and she really seems to fit the name!

Today, my husband and I got home rather late from work, and Scout was waiting for us at the door. Usually we can get in without her making a break for the hallway of our apartment building. This time, she made it out! She went the direction of the dead end (so glad for that). She mewed a couple times while my husband chased her down, and her teeny voice sounded so much smaller than normal! But, we caught her and she didn’t put up a fight.

I hope she doesn’t decide this is a more fun game than the game of peekaboo she and I play while I’m cooking.


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