Daylight Savings


Usually, the spring daylight savings is awful for me. I used to have to work most Sundays, and losing an hour of sleep and then working early did not suit me well. Now that my schedule coincides with business hours, it is hard to adjust during the work week. This year, I think my husband and I set ourselves up for success! We were up by 7am (it felt like 6am, which is when I get up for work, but it feels worse when I wake up that early on the weekend), we got breakfast at an awesome diner, did our errands, and were home by noon! We may be exhausted, but we agreed to no naps, that way we will be good and tired tonight and maybe get enough sleep to make tomorrow morning less painful.

This weekend has been lovely in MN. Right now, it’s almost 50 degrees! This may not seem great to you readers that live in warmer climates, but we Minnesotans are known for living in cold weather! Our winters can be long, and are usually bitterly cold (we spend a lot of time with temperatures below zero). So, when it finally starts to thaw a bit and get warm, it’s exciting! I can’t wait to retire my coat and boots for a few months! Perhaps spring will be a few weeks early this year, I just won’t be surprised if it snows again one last time…

I hope all of you that experience daylight savings are adjusting to the time change! What tricks do you use to make it easier?


2 thoughts on “Daylight Savings

  1. I love when daylight savings time starts. It is the symbolic end of winter although I know we can still get some cold and snowy weather. But also I feel like I have so much more time to do things when I get home from work. That is definitely psychological because of course I still have the same amount of time, but the extra hour of daylight helps me.

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