Where Did April Fools Come From, Anyway?


As we all know, today was April Fools Day.

I hate April Fools Day! I am so gullible and every year I get tricked by something or someone. It’s only gotten worse since the internet and Facebook have become more popular.
For example, last year, a coffee company I follow on Facebook got me so good I am still embarrassed to tell the story. But I will anyway! So, last year, on April 1st, I was taking a class for work with my manager and another manager I worked with. During lunch, I checked Facebook (I’m a Millennial, so this should come as no surprise). There was a post from this coffee company about a new kind of coffee they had developed that was clear! As a former barista who knows quite a bit about coffee, there is no way I should have believed it, but not only did I believe it, I told both my boss and the other manager about it.

To top it off, I didn’t find out it was a joke until days later when I mentioned it to someone who knew better. So… I then had to tell my boss that what I had told her was a joke I completely fell for!

This year, they posted a video a few days early about a new kind of coffee that stays warm for 8 hours. As amazing as that sounds, I knew it was a joke! I spent most of the day avoiding social media. Any real news I missed will still be news tomorrow.


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