Anniversaries, and Updates, and Planning, Oh My!


I have a pretty jam-packed post for today! I have lots and lots to talk about. Bear with me, this post has a couple different topics.

The first is that I am happy to say that today I am celebrating 3 months of All Things Autumn! I feel like things have been going well! I am finally getting into the swing of things, and I am happy with the growth in readership I have seen! I also have seen my recipe for Sort-of Swedish Meatballs end up on Pinterest, thanks to a dear friend of mine! I am halfway to my deadline in determining if I am going to upgrade my WordPress account and take the next step in blogging. At this point, I think upgrading will happen, but I will see what the next few months brings! I would like to thank everyone that reads, comments and likes my posts on All Things Autumn. It feels great that people enjoy what I write and I hope that enjoyment continues! Thank you for pushing me to write and improve, and for inspiring my posts! All Things Autumn wouldn’t exist without you!

Next is a promised update on my sugarless lifestyle. It’s going…good and bad, if that’s possible. My diet hasn’t remained sugarless, and I have been less strict than I would like. Being less strict has made my husband and I not feel super great, though, and that was almost an instant change. My husband, who suffers from acid reflux, was doing much better when we had stopped eating sugar. Now that we are both not watching what we eat as closely, not only has his acid reflux come back, I have started to experience it too! It’s awful. We are doing well though, because I am generally cooking healthy dinners, and our snacks have been nutritious and sugarless. Our downfall is going out to eat, coffee shops, and poor planning. We haven’t been buying groceries very differently than when we were more dedicated, and our weekly grocery trips have been so much more affordable than when we were eating junk food (less than $100 a week, compared to $150 a week/week and a half). My husband and I are already climbing back on the bandwagon. It should be easier now that we know what to expect. I will keep updating you all on our progress!

Finally, here are a few things to look forward to this week on All Things Autumn: I will be talking about my process for meal planning, tomorrow I will be posting a recipe for Easy Three Cheese Risotto, with ideas for variations, and I will be reviewing an app I have been using on my Galaxy tablet!


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