Product Review: Next Issue App


This is my first product review! I just want to start out by saying that I am not affiliated with this product, or the company. I wasn’t asked to write this review, I simply want to spread the word!

Anyone that knows me knows I love magazines. I don’t know why, but I think it has a lot to do with gaining more knowledge and broadening my horizons. Having new knowledge in my possession every month or week is amazing, but also expensive! I generally have 1 or 2 subscriptions, but the rest I generally buy at the store. So, I probably spend 20 dollars or more a month on magazines. That sounds crazy now that I put it together. But, I don’t need to spend that much anymore!

I found an app called Next Issue, and it’s available for Apple, Android and Windows devices. For 10 dollars a month, you get access to their catalogue of monthly magazines, which includes back issues. For 15 dollars a month, you also get access to their catalogue of weekly magazines, also with back issues. They also have a promotion where you can try it for free for a month!
I did my free month, and I honestly love it! My husband and I decided on the subscription with both weekly and monthly magazines.

There are quite a few positives to having the Next Issue app. The first is that is it way cheaper than having subscriptions and buying magazines in the store. It also eliminates using so much paper, which is great for the environment! I love that there are back issues, they generally go back a year or two. It is possible to download issues, so they are readable without wifi, without using data. There are also tons of quality magazines in their catalogue, in some different genres and some from othet countries. There are special features for some magazines that are only available on the app! Finally, you can use the app on 5 devices!

There are only a few negatives I am noticing with the app. The first is that there is no longer the excitement of getting magazines in the mail. It also would not be worth it for people who do not read many magazines. You also cannot rip out pages or write in them. Some people don’t like reading on screens, so that would be a problem as well.

I would definitely recommend this app for people on the go who love magazines! It is also great for people who want to try new magazines or generally buy lots of magazines every month. I hope you all give it a shot andnlove it as much as I do!


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