(Not) Deep Thoughts Thursday: Review: Credo Mobile


This post isn’t really about any deep thoughts or important issues, I will be reviewing my cell phone company. I am not affiliated with Credo Mobile in any other way than being a customer, and they did not approach me to write this.

This past week, my husband and I became eligible for an early upgrade from our cell phone company. The last time we got new phones, he dropped his and cracked the screen within a week of getting them. So, we were really excited to get new phones!

Before we took the plunge to get stuck in another contract, we decided to make sure we were happy with our service. We love our cell company and the service they provide. We get our cell service through Credo Mobile, a company that uses Sprint’s network, but they work with their members to donate money to good causes, like non profits. They did not ask me to say that. I am writing this because there isn’t a ton of independent information online about Credo.

They haven’t always been as good as they are now. We had service through them a few years ago, and our calls were getting dropped all the time. I was able to get in contact with someone higher on the customer service chain, and we were able to get out of our contract free of charge.

Fast forward a few years, and we came back to Credo. They have a pretty good selection of phones, basically all the popular smartphones. This time, we were able to get Galaxy Note 4s, which we both love (though that is a different post for a different day). We have unlimited data (which is really rare from cell phone companies), a huge selling point for us. This time, we enrolled in this program called ZeroNow, which basically made it so we could get newer (more expensive) phones with no money down. You basically pay for the phones with a monthly fee, which is added to the bill. But, they also give you a $30 per line discount on the bill and early renewal eligibility starts at 18 months, instead of 20.

In addition, they offer free 2 day shipping. We ordered our new phones late afternoon on Friday, and we got them Monday, so it was less than 2 business days! So amazing! The nice thing about having phones shipped to us is that we were able to buy cases before we got our phones. That way, neither of us had the opportunity to crack the screens on our phones this time! 🙂

If you’re looking for new cell service and you like the causes that Credo Mobile supports, I would definitely suggest making the switch!


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