May the Fourth Be With You!


I have been a little quiet lately here on All Things Autumn, but I think I have been coming up with some awesome blog posts while i have been away, I hope you agree!

Yesterday was May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day! If you are wondering why, it’s because “fourth” sounds an awful lot like “force”, so “May the 4th be with you!” So funny. I love nerdy things.

My husband and I host a Star Wars day every year, this year was the fourth year in a row! I think I would call that a bonafide tradition! Every year is a little different, some have had lots of people attending, some have had very few. But, they are always fun, always have great themed food, and involve something Star Wars related playing on the tv.

This year was no different! Since the 4th was on a Monday, and Mondays are NOT the weekend, we decided to call this year’s party “May the 4th be With You…Always”, and it was a three day long marathon! Good thing I like to cook, huh?

Saturday ended up being the main event, with 9 of us crammed in our lovely apartment. We had TONS of food and everyone had a great time!

Sunday was super low-key, with only a few people over, most of whom came over to watch Game of Thrones.

Yesterday was the most low-key, with just my husband and I. We decided to watch The Enpire Strikes Back since it’s our favorite, and we both missed most of it during the main event. So, I would call this year a success!

Star Wars Day would not be complete without some themed food on the table!


This year, I made cute little tags to go with the food and drinks, including this one for the food table, “Admiral Ackbar’s Snack Bar”. I love that picture…


Here’s the food table with most of the selections on it. I tried to get a picture before people dug in, but apparently Oreos (I mean, Wookiee Cookies) are really popular! Besides the cookies, we also had Yodamole, Dark Side Dippers (the veggie tray), Obi Wan Kabob-ies (fruit kabobs), Vader Tater Chips, Skywalker Salsa, Stormtrooper Scoopers (tortilla chip scoops), Jabba the Nuts, Sober Ewoks (Teddy Grahams) and Drunken Ewoks (gummi bears soaked in vodka, for the adults!). We also had Seven Leia Salad, Jar Jar Bars, and Buckwheat noodles with Rancor sauce, all brought by friends!


I also made pulled chicken for burritos. It was nice because there was lots of leftovers for when other people came over, and there was something that everyone would like!

Usually, my go-to Star Wars Day drink is Yoda Soda, which is lemon lime sofa and lime sherbet (with optional vodka or something for the adults looking for a cocktail). This year, since I was already going nuts with food, I thought, why not go nuts with drinks also? Really, why not?


We had a full bar set up, and made this cute drink menu! My husband and I found drinks that sounded good, then gave them themed names. Everyone thought it was cute! Actually, the Tatooine Sunset is a drink I found online, and it was delicious! We also had the Han Shot First Shot, the Qui Gon Jinn and Tonic, and the Jedi Mind Trick.


Instead of the Yoda Soda punch that I have always made, we put this label on our Sodastream, which made “Yoda Soda Water”.


And for those looking for something delicious and non-alcoholic to drink, we have Chai-Tea PO. We also made Blue Milk by simply adding food coloring to milk. People definitely got a kick out of it!

It was nice, because we had quite a few people over, and had some leftovers, but not so much that it went to waste.

Do any of you do anything fun to celebrate Star Wars Day? What’s you favorite movie/character? Let me know in the comments!


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