Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Easy A


This week, a movie is once again my binge watch pick! Easy A is a hilarious movie starring Emma Stone. It is sort of a coming of age movie, but I think it’s something adults can also enjoy.

It’s basically a modern interpretation of The Scarlet Letter, with a John Hughes movie take. It’s a story where a high school girl pretends to have sex with her gay male friend at a party in order to get people to stop spreading rumors about him. In turn, rumors begin spreading about her, especially at the hands of a super Christian bully (played by Amanda Bynes). It’s basically all told in flashbacks, narrated by Emma Stone’s character, who is confessing the whole story to everyone via webcast.

After her friend gets accepted by cooler people at school, word begins to spread amongst the less “desirable” of the male population at the school that she would be willing to help them become more popular, for a price. Of course, everything spirals out of control, and she is soon overwhelmed and buried under all the uncharacteristic lying she’s been doing to her friends, teachers and parents.

There is an unrequited love story, but it’s done with a lot of cute humor, which is refreshing. They’re friends first, and she is able to confide in him when she can’t really confide in anyone else.

The thing I love about this movie is that, even though it’s not something that would happen in real life, the story is told with so much humor and quirkiness. Her parents are absolutely hilarious. It’s just a really cute and entertaining movie. You should definitely watch it if you want to see a cute, quirky romantic comedy that isn’t completely cheesy and predictable.


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