Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Bill Nye the Science Guy


This week, one of the most awesome things popped up on Netflix: Bill Nye the Science Guy! I think it came as a surprise to a lot of people, it definitely did to me! For 90s kids, Bill Nye is probably one of the most nostalgic things that most of us can relate to. We watched it all through school, I remember watching episodes in high school, even!
So, of course, I watched a couple episodes with my husband, so we could reminisce on our youth! I can’t say the episodes hold up really well, but we did learn some things!
I actually met Bill Nye a few years ago, a few days before my wedding! He was at a teacher’s conference that I went to with my mom (it was a much-needed break from the preparation). I had no idea he was going to be there, but there was a huge crowd, and he definitely stood out in it! With his signature bow tie, he was easy to spot. I even got my picture taken with him, which was really awesome!
I definitely look up to him, even still. I think that he has been extremely influential for my generation. I think it’s great that he made such a good show to teach important scientific concepts, and in a way that is funny and easy to understand. There isn’t much on the tv now that is made for kids and is that educational. Which is too bad, in my opinion!
We watched started the episode on Food Webs, but I was eating, and the footage of a snake eating a mouse was a bit much for me! So, we switched to the episode on Evolution, which was interesting and educational. The scientific community has learned more about evolution since that episode of Bill Nye was made, but there was still really good information. And, he used stuff from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos in it, which made my husband and I really happy!
I definitely recommend watching some Bill Nye the Science Guy! It’s great if you like funny 90s shows, and science! There are some kind of ridiculous things in it, and it’s not made for adults, plus the music video in each episode is totally 90s!
Do you have a favorite episode of Bill Nye? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Bill Nye the Science Guy

  1. Ally B. Jones

    I don’t remember a specific episode but that theme song in ingrained in my memory…. (singing it now in my head)

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