Review: Bountiful Baskets


A couple months ago, a friend of mine was telling me about Bountiful Baskets, a program that she participated in while living in Idaho. She has recently found out that the program runs in many states in the US, and Minnesota was one of them! So, I decided to learn more about it before signing up.
Bountiful Baskets is an all volunteer food co-op, which boasts low prices and no contracts! Since there are no employees to pay, participants are able to pay $15 (plus a fee the first time you participate, and a small fee every time you order- mine is $5.50) for their bi-weekly baskets of fresh fruits and veggies!
I had been thinking about joining a CSA, but they are a pretty big financial commitment. With Bountiful Baskets, there is no requirement to order every time, there really aren’t many requirements at all! You just have to pick up your basket during the timeframe, or else the food is donated. Which I definitely think is fair. They also ask that you sign up to volunteer occasionally, if you’re able. So, they aren’t asking for much.
With much excitement, I signed up about 6 weeks ago, and I love it! The timeframe for picking up the baskets is short (20-30 minutes), but it is an efficient and pleasant process! Here is what my first basket looked like:


It was early spring, so produce was more expensive and not in season yet, but I still think this is a good amount of food! Here is my second basket:


Heirloom carrots!!! Yum!
If you live in the US, and this is something you’re interested in, definitely check out their website! They have pick up locations all over the US, and they also have information if you would like to start your own location! It’s a great deal for fresh and healthy food!
Note: I am not affiliated with Bountiful Baskets besides participating. I was not asked to write this review, and am not being compensated for it. I just love the program, and want them to continue to succeed and grow!


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