Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Arrested Development


On Friday, I fell while picking up my Bountiful Baskets order, and landed right on my left knee… Luckily, there were two nurses nearby that were able to help, and take a look at my leg. I’m so lucky I didn’t hurt myself horribly. My knee is bruised (purple/blue, which is always shocking to see), a little scraped and swollen, my shin is a little sore, and one of my toes is pretty messed up. But, nothing seems to be broken, and it’s definitely been improving every day!
Having a sore leg changed my weekend plans a little, because I have been trying to stay off of it as much as possible. This lends itself well to binge watching, since there isn’t much I can do but read and watch tv. Today, I have been watching episodes of Arrested Development, one of my absolute favorite shows!
Arrested Development has a pretty dedicated cult following. Not enough people to keep the show from getting cancelled by the Fox network, but it seems that it’s one of those situations where the ratings did not accurately show how many people were watching the show.
Arrested Development is a show about the Bluth family, a wealthy family that basically loses everything when their patriarch gots to prison for shady business deals. They are a very dysfunctional family, and they need to come together and try to support each other, which doesn’t seem to come easy to any of them.
One of the things I love most about this show is that many of the jokes have multiple layers, and are retold or referenced in later episodes all the time. It makes it so that it’s a great show the first time you watch it, but there are special treats for those who are rewatching it. It’s really quotable, and honestly is ridiculous, but that’s part of the charm. Season 3 gets a little weird, but all in all it’s a great show!
The cast of this show is strong. Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Alia Shawkat, David Cross, Tony Hale, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jessica Walter are the Bluth family. It is narrated by Ron Howard, and Henry Winkler has a big part in the show also. There are smaller roles played by Liza Minnelli, Judy Greer, Isla Fisher, Charlize Theron, Amy Poehler, Ben Stiller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ed Helms, Alan Tudyk, Jane Lynch, Rob Corddry, Jack McBrayer, Zach Braff, Heather Graham and many others! Season 4 was originally released by Netfix, and it added Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig to the cast! This is a really impressive cast for a show that did not have great ratings while on tv.
Arrested Development is a great show for people who like inside jokes, enjoy watching shows with characters you love to hate, and anyone that likes dark comedies.
Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix, making it easy to watch! Are any of you fans of the show? What do you like or not like about it? Let me know in the comments!


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