Happy Saturday, readers!

There is a ton going on in my little corner of the worth right now, so much I want to talk about. Some of these things are going to need longer posts, but I wanted to touch on a few of them before I get into what I was planning on talking about today.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court here in the US made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states! This has been a long and hard-fought battle for many. Finally having equal rights and equal dignity under the law is so huge for them, and I have been overjoyed for my friends since I heard the news yesterday! What makes it more awesome is that this weekend is Ptide weekend in Minneapolis, and there’s something really awesome to celebrate! I will write more on this later.

Yesterday was the first meeting of one of the book clubs I am in! It is the one where we read The Martian, and for being a group of people that aren’t all exactly alike, and didn’t all know each other, we all seemed to get along so well! A lot of the people knew each other, but I am so shy and introverted, but I felt so at ease. The whole time, I kept getting the sense that I was finding amazing friends. It’s hard making and keeping friends as adults, so being able to find people I instantly felt a connection to was really wonderful! I can’t wait for next month!

So, my topic for today is sort of another “State of All Things Autumn” post. There has been a lot going on in the background of this blog (and not a ton of content, unfortunately), so I wanted to let you all in on what’s happening. Next week, I will have reached 6 months of blogging! For a blog that started basically as an experiment, I feel really accomplished! At the end of 2014, I decided this would be the year where I would stop just talking about things I want to do, and actually take action! We’re over halfway through the year, and I think I am doing a pretty good job. I actually am going to write a post dedicated just to my personal growth and accomplishments this year. I have a lot to say about it!

In January, I took a Blogging 101 clasd through WordPress’s Blogging U. It was really an excellent way for me to get my blog off the ground and learn more about my goals and visions. Since then, my blog has slowly, but steadily, grown. I now have over 80 followers! Every time I get a new follower, like, or comment, it makes me so happy. I am so glad that the things I think are important and fun are things other people want to read about! So, I want to take a moment to thank everyone reading this. It has been so amazing to have the support of people around the world and close to home. Not only friends and family, but complete strangers who take the time to read my thoughts. This is pretty cliché, but without all of you, I wouldn’t be doing this. And, this blog has been an ongoing source of inspiration for me.

Where is All Things Autumn headed? This is something I have been thinking about for a while. I feel like I am finally finding more of a focus (even if that focus is “Things That Inspire Me”). I think this blog has the potential to have a long and successful future! I have aspirations to turn it into a business venture. Being a Blogger for a career is something that I would really love to do. I have a lot of work ahead of me if that’s where I’m headed, but it’s a goal.

In more short term goals, I am taking Blogging 101 again in July. Having 6 months under my belt and a clearer idea of what I’m doing will help with some of the assignments. I am excited to light a fire under me again and make writing more of a priority. Taking this class will help, I think!

Originally, I had given myself a 6 month deadline to decide if I would get a paid WordPress account, or consider self-hosting. I didn’t want to start blogging having already made a financial investment, just in case it didn’t work out. Now, I am going to see how I feel at the end of Blogging 101 Part 2. Self-hosting is something I am going to think about for a little while longer. It would be more of a time investment, and I am not sure I’m ready to make it! WordPress has really great features. So, I might just stick with what works!

So, once again, thanks to everyone for reading, and here’s to another 6 months (and more!) of All Things Autumn!


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