Saturday Update!


Happy Saturday, everyone! Yesterday was the last day of Blogging 101, and I have managed to get super far behind in posts and assignments. As one that does not give up without trying, I am still going to do most of the last few assignments that I have missed. They’re really good ones, so I’m pretty excited! I promise that I have a good reason for getting so far behind: image Meet Gatsby! He’s the newest member of our little band of misfits! We adopted him from the humane society last week, and it’s been great so far! We’ve been working to introduce him to our other cat, Scout, the right way. For those who are relatively new to this blog, here’s Scout: image Since Gatsby has needed to be quarantined because he had kennel cough, we’ve been able to make the kitty introduction gradual. I think it has really helped them both with stress since they are able to get used to each other and hopefully see that they aren’t a threat. Hopefully they will be able to officially meet in the next few days. It’s been sort of hard to keep them away from each other, surprisingly. I will let you all know how it goes! I have been active on WordPress however, even if it’s been in ways that don’t involve posting. I have been spending quite a bit of time in the Reader, discovering new and exciting blogs! Not only was this an assignment for Blogging 101, but it’s also something I really enjoy doing! One of the Blogging 101 assignments was to find at least 4 new blogs, comment, and write a post about it. I did find 4 new blogs that I absolutely love, and I hope you agree!

The first blog I found is Musings of a Strange Child. This lady is super awesome and loves Rockabilly and DIY! I commented on her post “Crafty AND adorable as hell!!“. This post is about these fantastic sunglasses she made. I would seriously buy some from her if I could. I really enjoyed reading about her childhood and how she was immersed in art. It was something I can relate to, and really made me more interested! I’m very excited to read more from her!

Another amazing post I found was actually a collaboration between hotchocolateandcreamΒ and Nearly a Princess, who are both wonderful lifestyle bloggers. In the post, they both give excellent tips on starting a blog. For anyone looking for tips, this is a great resource. It’s both honest and useful. I learned about Bloglovin’, which I am going to be checking out this weekend! One of the tips that was reallly great is that you shouldn’t compare yourself to other bloggers. You shouldn’t base whether or not you’re successful based on how other bloggers are doing. It is something I have struggled with, but the great thing about blogging is that it isn’t a competition. It’s a great way to build a vibrant, supportive community with people from all over the globe. Success mean something different to everyone, and what fun would it be if we all wanted the same things?

A third blog I found is The Rest is Still Unwritten. The thing I like about this blog is that it is really honest and genuine. I commented on her post “Whip It…Whip It Good!“. This post is a recipe for body butter to prevent stretch marks (like what happens to pregnant women’s bellies). Even though I am not currently concerned about that, it sounds like a really luxurious skin moisturizer anyway! I’m really excited to try it out! I love products that are natural, rather than full of chemicals.

The final blog I found is Instantly Jessi, which is written by a woman from Texas who has moved to Cincinnati, and writes about all kinds of things, like recipes, local events, and her upcoming wedding! It was one of her posts on her upcoming wedding that really caught my attention. Her post, “Changing my last name, Am I ready?” really resonated with me. In the post, she talks about being hesitant to change her last name after getting married. One of the reasons is that she does Β ot want to lose her heritage and culture, which are built into her name. My husband and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary in a few short months (!!!), and this is actually the second time that I have legally changed my last name, so I do have a unique perspective on the topic. I shared my thoughts in a comment, which I will share with you now:

Without going into too many details, my Mom got remarried when I was in high school to the man who basically helped her raise me. So, he legally adopted me soon after. I was adopted and my last name changed partway through the school year. It was somewhat confusing and complicated, but mostly exciting. Since it was during the school year, one day my assignments had one last name, and the next day I was signing a new name. My English teacher that year was a really awesome woman whom I still admire. When I handed in my first assignment to her with my new last name, she did something that has stuck with me since. When she handed the assignment back, she had written a comment at the top of the page where my name was, which said, “You’re now….YOU!” I remembered this when I was preparing to change my name again after getting married. I don’t think I lost anything in changing my name either time. In fact, the opposite is true. I gained another layer to my identity. Especially in the case of getting married, I gained a shared identity with my husband, symbolizing that we’re partners in crime (like our vows said), and this isn’t something we intend to be temporary. I know many women that did not change their name after getting married, and they all had valid reasons. I simply chose a different path.

This has been a really great week for discovering new blogs and bloggers! Check out the four bloggers I mentioned in this post, they’re all awesome!


15 thoughts on “Saturday Update!

  1. Thanks for referencing my blog! I am glad that you liked reading it, and I really love reading your work too. It means a lot that people out there are enjoying what I’m writing. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for reading mine too! I also love it when people enjoy what I write about, and I am happy to be able to share the awesome blogs I find with my readers! Cheers!

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