Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Batman: Arkham Knight


Before I begin this week’s binge watch pick, I wanted to let you all know I’m now on a few social media sites! As you maybe noticed, I changed the look of my blog… slightly. At the very top right of the page you will now find cute little buttons, which link to those sites! They’re still pretty new, so there isn’t much content on them yet, but that will change! Not only will I post on those sites when I add new content here, I will also post other things I love, and think you will love as well! Please check them out and follow me!

Now on to our regularly scheduled post!

This week is a little different. That is partially because of what I’m watching while I write this. Also because I like to keep you all on your toes!

I have never been good at video games. Ever. During the college years Guitar Hero phase, I was ok on the easiest level. I can play a lot of the easier Wii games. I don’t really feel bad about this. Not everyone can be good at the same things. It has put me in a unique position, however.

Just about every relationship I’ve been in has been with guys who LOVE video games. Partially because just about every guy my age likes them. I wouldn’t call my husband a fanatic or anything, he goes through phases where he likes to play, but it’s definitely not all the time. When he is in the mood to play, it’s an excellent opportunity for me to do some projects of my own.

I don’t know if I’m weird, but I actually like watching him play. I think part of it is that he tends to play games that are story-driven. So, for me, it’s kind of like watching a movie where some scenes are replayed over and over. I like being able to help occasionally, and talk about the story or graphics with him. It’s an activity where we’re able to bond, but also fo our own things, both of which are so important in marriage.

Currently, he is playing Batman: Arkham Knight, which just recently came out. I really love Batman stories, the movies are some of my favorites, so this game is right up my alley. The story is really interesting, and involves Batman being Haunted by The Joker, which helps the story along in a humorous way. Cat Woman is also in the game, and she was my favorite Batman character when I was a kid.

One interesting thing about the game is how much technology changes in games. In this one, there are drones, which didn’t exist in previous games. Since they are a big thing in our world now, it’s not surprising that they would show up in games.

If you or someone you know likes playing video games, I highly recommend this one. It looks cool and it does have a good story to it. It probably isn’t suitable for kids, because it does have some violence and have some parts that are really dark. But I love that there are some great details and a somewhat complex story.

I am really excited to see where the story in this game goes. There are a couple Batman villains in it, and they are some of the more fun ones!

Does anyone else out there like to watch people play video games? Anyone play video games, and have you played this one yet? Let’s talk in the comments!


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