Question and Answer Time


Hey everyone! I’m pretty excited, I was nominated to do this Q&A by Donatella over at Shamelessly Addicted to Caffeine (don’t you just love the title of her blog???).

Here are the rules:
1. Respond and rework: answer all the questions in a post on your blog, except one: replace that question with a new one. Additionally, add one more question of your own.
2. Tag seven other people to do the Q&A!

  1. What is your current fashion obsession? Boots! I’m so glad it’s almost fall!
  2. What is your current makeup obsession? Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick
  3. What are you wearing today? Tribal print tank, mustard yellow cardigan (which I discovered has a hole in it…), black pants, black flats.
  4. Hair? Pigtails (I really need a haircut…)
  5. Morning go to? Caffeine and awesome music.
  6. Why is today special? Since I’ve been in a terrible mood today, my initial thought is that it isn’t, but I did get the evening to myself (my husband had plans), which to an introvert can be similar to winning a jackpot (my husband totally gets this)!
  7. What would you like to learn to do? To code/build websites
  8. What’s for dinner today? Boca burger, rice and salad
  9. What are you listening to right now? Cats playing and my husband playing Batman (welcome home, hun!)
  10. What are your essentials when traveling? Fantastic music, and awesome travel companions
  11. What’s your style? I’m kind of all over the place. Classics with a modern twist/hippy/dresses worn casually/vintage
  12. What is your most challenging goal right now? Finding a job/career/hobby that is fulfilling
  13. What is your current favorite band/song? “Bright” by Echosmith
  14. How was your childhood? My I think everyone has reason to dislike their childhood (I was super accident-prone), but despite that, it was pretty great! I definitely didn’t enjoy it while it lasted though.
  15. What would you like to have in your hands right now? CHOCOLATE
  16. What would you like to get rid of? Clutter
  17. What are you most excited for? Our 3rd wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday (which fall on the same week)
  18. What is your favorite weather? Fall days when it’s in the 60s, but there’s a cool breeze
  19. Which countries have you visited? US (does that count I’d I live here?) and Canada — I’m don’t travel much.
  20. What do you associate when you hear the word “blogging”?  Hard work, meeting people from all over the world, shared experiences, and creativity.
  21. What is something you find fulfilling? Creativity

The seven awesome people I nominate are:

Onyx and Amethyst

Eat, Pray, Clove

Divide Deals

My Kind of Pop Culture


Crafty, Organized & Thin

Instantly Jessi 

I hope you all enjoyed this fun little Q&A!


2 thoughts on “Question and Answer Time

  1. I see so many parallel’s between us that it’s scary at times reading your responses. As I answer the questions on my own blog – one in particular I kept your answer word for word. But when it came to the song you like… you answered “Bright” by Echosmith – it made me smile as for some reason that song has always made me think of my daughter… and it’s such a great song! Loved learning more about you!

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