Looking Ahead: Exciting posts are coming!


It’s finally Friday! This week has felt very long for me, so I’m really excited for the opportunity to relax and recharge! Tonight I have a book club meeting to discuss The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. That means today’s post is going to be a bit short. I did want to give you all a quick preview of some of the exciting posts I’m working on for next week!

Next Wednesday is the end of our crazy sugarless/restaurant-less month! So, I will be writing about how it went. I will be giving you some of my ideas on how to make giving up sugar easier, how to plan meals, and what my biggest downfalls have been.

I will also be doing a book review of The Alchemist. I am really excited to discuss it in book club. I am also excited to write about my thoughts on it.

Then, there will be my regular features: I will, of course, talk about something to binge watch on Sunday! I will also be re-introducing Deep Thoughts Thursday, since I’ve kind of fallen off that trolly lately. It’s one of my favorite things to write, so it will be fun to have it back! And finally, I will be introducting a new feature that I think you all will love!

See you all here tomorrow!


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