Super Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Monday Edition


Despite the title of this post, this weekend wasn’t lazy at all! Not only did I do all the chores and errands that get pushed until Sunday, I also have started learning how to build websites, like I talked about in my previous post. I didn’t want to leave you all without picking something to watch though!

When I was younger, I would watch Office Space and think about how there was no way for it to be possible for offices to work like in this movie. And while they aren’t exactly the same, there are some similarities that sometimes make me laugh. So I like to watch this movie sometimes when I’m feeling frustrated, because it always makes me feel better.

Office Space is great because it’s so funny and quotable! But the nice thing about it is that all the jokes are pretty unique, not the jokes that we see in all the movies now. It also has Jennifer Aniston and Ron Livingston, amongst other actors that you may not be able to name, but you would definitely recognize.

The tone of this movie is really fun, because it’s funny, but it isn’t played that way. It can be kind of dark, and there is a lesson to be learned at the end of it, with really memorable scenes in it.

This movie, like all others, isn’t for everyone. There are parts of it that are a little crude, and some have inappropriate language and situations. If you are not offended by these things, and want to feel better about your job, you should absolutely watch it!

Have you seen Office Space? Tell me about your thoughts about it in the comments!


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