Deep Thoughts Thursday: A reintroduction!


It’s Thursday, and that means the reintroduction of Deep Thoughts Thursday! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. But, I really like the concept, so I decided to bring it back!

For those of you who are new to the blog, Deep Thoughts Thursday is a weekly feature where I write about more serious topics that have been on my mind recently. It’s a good way for you guys to learn more about me, and I hope to start conversations.

Today I am going to talk about something that my husband actually suggested: habits.

Since I am starting up this feature again, it all comes down to making it a habit. Not only is posting regularly a habit, but also finding things to write about. Like most habits, this is not something that happens overnight. It is also not something that people automatically have. The tough thing about habits is that they need to be formed, and many times the worthwhile ones are the hardest to get. They take the most work, and seem to be the easiest to break.

This idea resonates with me a lot because we just finished our month-long sugarless and restaurant-less month. I have to say, those habits are tough ones. Breaking a sugar addiction can be so hard! After 30 days, I can say that my tastes have definitely changed, and I don’t really like sugar that much, but I also know that falling back into the addiction can be so easy. It was also really hard to get in the habit of making food for every meal, every day. There were of course days when I came home and the last thing I wanted to do was cook. But, having some easy options in my back pocket made the transition so much easier! I think this habit will be much easier to keep, because I absolutely love to cook. Having a meal plan makes it so that I can enjoy cooking without having to stress over what we’re having. This may be one of the most valuable habits that I have formed.

It seems that the habits that are the hardest to break are the ones that make someone feel good. Which is why things like smoking and drinking are two of the more addictive activities. But, with some willpower, patience and hard work, it’s possible to break bad habits and replace them with things that are healthier. Good thing that there are many online resources to help with fighting these bad havits, especially when they get out of control.

Dear readers, what is a habit you’re currently trying to break or build? Are there any habits you wish you had? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


One thought on “Deep Thoughts Thursday: A reintroduction!

  1. My worst habit is my addictive personality. I’m addicted to addictive anything. Like at present I miss much of life’s offerings to Netflix and candy crush. It’s very difficult. Moderation is not a concept that is easy for me.

    I had to quit my blog over the summer when my daughter was born because blogging had become my entire life. Ive rebooted blogging but I am challenging myself to scheduled times and such.

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