Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Good Eats



When I was in college, one of the perks of living on campus was the free cable! On my downtime and before falling asleep, I started watching the Food Network. I already knew how to cook before I started watching it, but the techniques and information in the shows taught me so much of what I use today when making food and developing recipes. One of my favorite shows that I discovered then, and still watch today is Good Eats.


One of my favorite things about this show is how much I’ve learned from it. The host, Alton Brown, is not only really funny and creative, but has made a show that explains the science behind cooking. Watching this show, not only do you learn how to cook recipes, you also learn why certain things happen while cooking, like why yeast makes bread rise, and why browning meat before putting it in a stew is a good idea. Every episode is interesting and educational.

I have so much respect for Alton Brown. He seems like he is a really caring person, and he is not afraid to admit when he is wrong about something. One of his episodes is about how he lost 50 pounds, not by going on some fad diet, but by making real changes to his eating habits. He created a diet of 4 lists, which includes food to eat daily, 3 times per week, once a week, and never. And, while I absolutely don’t agree with eating sardines three times a week (yuck), I have seen that it worked for him. I completely agree with making lifestyle changes instead of just being strict until you reach your goal, so I’m glad that he does too!

You can find a collection of episodes from this show on Netflix. I’m really sad that they aren’t all available, because there are ones that I really love. Some of the ones on Netflix are really great though, like the one of spaghetti and meat sauce, for example.

In order to like this show, you would have to at least be sort of interested in food and cooking. There is also some science, educational segments, and history. You don’t really have to be versed in any of these for the show to make sense, but if you absolutely hate science, I don’t think this show is for you. Watching this show hungry is also not advised, because I can guarantee that it will make you hungry! He makes some delicious looking recipes on the show!

Any fans of Good Eats out there? Do you have a favorite episode? Anyone have a favorite cooking show other than Good Eats? Let me know in the comments!



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