Deep Thoughts Thursday: A Story in a Single Image


As I mentioned a few days ago, I am taking Writing 101 from Blogging U. Part of the fun of it has been trying to fit in the writing assignments given into my established schedule of posts. I also knew that finding time and inspiration to write every day would be a challenge, but I am trying really hard to overcome that! I plan on doing every assignment for the whole class, even if that means posting twice in a day, like today!

Today’s assignment is to write a post inspired by a picture. We were given four pictures to choose from, or a site for further options. I had to go to the site. For some reason, today has not be very inspiring for me. I did manage to find a picture that got me thinking about today’s topic, so I’m really glad for that!


I am not a wanderlust. I am not even especially adventurous. I don’t travel very often, and have never been on a plane, even though I am quickly approaching my thirties. When I do things that are a bit adventurous, I know people are somewhat taken aback, because it’s not very in character for me. I would rather have my feet on the ground, surrounded by the familiar. Seeing new places is exciting, and I think it’s important, but it’s not something I want to do all the time.

I have friends that travel the world. People who are not afraid to pack up and move across the country or around the world. They are happy to go from place to place, without having a job lined up or a place to live. Just thinking about that freaks me out. I can’t even leave a job without having another one set up, much less go live somewhere I’ve never been without a place to live already lined up.

I can’t say I don’t sometimes wish that I was more adventurous. There are definitely times when I wish that I would want to just hop on a plane to see a different land. Or that I would want to move to a new place and set up a life there. I know that there are so many beautiful places that are worth seeing. And I know that I will see some of them.

I am a firm believer that there are all kinds of different people for a reason, and that everyone has something to contribute. I have talked in the past about how I am introverted. I feel that introverts have things to contribute to the world that extroverts cannot contribute, and vice versa. The same is true for wanderlusts and those who love having their roots planted. I think that there is value in both kinds of people. For some reason right now, there seems to be a focus on wanderlusts, and it almost seems like it is the preferred personality type. I think part of that is because it’s so exciting.

I am learning to appreciate my own personality, even if it means living vicariously through my friends as they travel the world. I am excited to plant my roots and I am glad I have picked such a beautiful place to do it!


3 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts Thursday: A Story in a Single Image

  1. ‘I am a firm believer that there are all kinds of different people for a reason, and that everyone has something to contribute.’ – me too! I’d hate for us all to be the same.

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