Review: Nespresso Pixie and Aeroccino



When my husband and I decided to take the month of August to not have sugar, and not eat at restaurants or coffee shops, the first thing we weren’t sure about was coffee. I worked as a barista for a few years, so I know how to make coffee and coffee drinks, but I don’t like black coffee. So, I knew that August was going to be a struggle for me. For a while, I had been looking into getting an espresso machine for at home. Since I am trained on how to use them, I thought that it would be a good investment. It’s just tough to spend about $1,000 for something like that. In doing research, I discovered Nespresso.

My husband and I were out shopping, and someone was doing a demo of the Nespresso machines in the store. I was impressed with the quality of the coffee, and how quick it was. Nespresso also offers a milk frother (called the Aeroccino), which is a pitcher. You pour cold milk into the pitcher, put it on the stand, and it uses one of the two magnetic attachments to make warm milk or milk froth (hot or cold). To use the Nespresso machine, you put a capsule containing coffee into the machine, put the lever down, and press a button. The espresso comes out pretty soon after pressing the button. When it’s done, you lift the handle again, and the used capsule deposits into a container. The newer machines have barcodes on the capsules, which the machine reads so it can dispense the amount and temperature of water that is necessary for the kind of coffee.


It only takes 25 seconds for the machine to heat up and be ready to use, which is really fast! It brews in less than a minute, and the Aeroccino makes milk in a little over a minute. The Nespresso machine automatically shuts off after 9 minutes, so there is no worrying about whether or not it was turned off when you get to work.


There are only a few things about the Nespresso machine that I don’t like. One thing is that it can be kind of loud while brewing. It’s basically because the water is pushed through the coffee capsule with a lot of pressure, so it’s not too bad, just not something to run while someone is sleeping nearby or anything. Another thing is that the Aeroccino basically only holds enough milk for one drink. If more than one person wants to make a drink, they just have to be a little patient. My husband and I haven’t had any problems with the slightly longer wait time. It’s worth it!


So far, most of the coffee I have had has been really good. It’s maybe not as good as some of the espresso you can get at really fancy coffee places, but it’s definitely better than the espresso served at big corporate coffee places. We buy our coffee capsules from Amazon, and there are capsules available from other companies that are supposed to work in the Nespresso machines. From the comments, it seems like most of the compatible capsules aren’t actually compatible. In some cases, the compatible capsules actually damage the machine, which isn’t good. I did get Nespresso compatible capsules from Rosso Caffe, and they have worked really well so far!

The capsules are a little expensive, at a little under a dollar each, but considering how much money a coffee drink costs, it’s not that bad. You can sometimes find deals on Amazon for the capsules, and there are apparently refillable capsules (I have not tried these, I don’t know if they work). The one negative that I see is that the capsules aren’t generally available in the stores. So it’s not possible to pick them up when you’re getting your groceries, for example. But, Amazon offers free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.


I would recommend this machine for people who love espresso drinks, but don’t like how much they cost from coffee shops and want to be able to control the ingredients. It is easy to use, so it really doesn’t require prior knowledge in making espresso. You can guy Nespresso machines from the company online, or from Amazon.

coffee drink

Just look at the beautiful coffee drink it makes!

**Note: I was not asked to write this review. I have not gotten any money or products for doing this review, I have reviewed this product simply to spread the word about a product I like!


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