Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Back to the Future, Part 1


Wednesday is Back to the Future Day. It’s the day in the second movie that Marty and Doc Brown travel to (seriously, they travel to October 21, 2015!). One thing you all may have noticed by now is I love theme days and theme parties. My birthday is next weekend, and I’m having a Back to the Future party, because I was born on another important Back to the Future day (the day where the first movie starts and ends: October 26, 1985). So, since I need to not only celebrate Back to the Future day, but I also need to celebrate my birthday, I am watching the three movies this week! Today, for Lazy Sunday Binge Watch (even though my actual Sunday isn’t going to be lazy at all), I am highlighting Back to the Future Part 1.

I have been watching Part 1 since I was a little kid. I adore this movie in all of its 80’s awesomeness. The soundtrack is fantastic, the story is both funny and intriguing, and who doesn’t love Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson?

Back to the Future Part 1 is the story on a teenage boy (Marty McFly) who is friends with a crazy scientist (Doc Brown). Doc builds a time machine out of a DeLorean (which may still be one of the coolest cars ever), and Marty mistakenly travels back in time to when his parents first met. He meets his attractive and popular mom (Lorraine), and his nerdy/awkward dad (George). But, instead of falling in love with George, Lorraine begins to fall in love with Marty (ew). So, Marty works with a younger Doc Brown to fix the mistake! If he doesn’t, Marty and his siblings with cease to exist! At the same time, Marty and Doc work to fix the time machine so that Marty can get back to 1985 in time to take his girlfriend camping.

Is this movie cheesy? Of course! There are some parts of it that are hilariously cheesy, but I honestly think it just adds to the charm of the movie. It does not always have the best acting, but it is supposed to be a comedy, so that is not entirely surprising. I think that it has a pretty good story, because it’s an adventure movie, and there are just so many funny things that happen while Marty is in 1955. Here are a few of my favorite parts of the movie:

  • Marty meets his uncle who is in prison in 1985. In 1955, he is a little kid, and when Marty meets him, he is in a crib with bars. The family says that the kid loves being in the crib, and cries whenever he’s taken out. Marty tells him to get used to those bars. Funny!
  • When Marty is in 1955, he is coaching his dad on how to win his mom. At one part, George goes into a diner to ask Lorraine to a school dance. He has this whole speech written out to say to her, including talking about how she is his destiny. However, instead of saying “destiny”, he says “density”. “My density has brought me to you”, is so hilarious!
  • Doc Brown says “Great Scott!” throughout the movie, and it’s pretty awesome every time!

There is not a ton of inappropriate things in this movie, so I would say it’s ok for older kids to watch. I loved it when I was a kid, because I loved the dresses of the 1950’s, and the sense of adventure in the movie is really fun.

Part 1 has always been my favorite movie in the trilogy, but the other ones have value as well. Each of the movies involve them traveling to a different point in time, which adds more to the bigger story, and is really fun, especially for kids.

If you have never seen Back to the Future, I suggest you give it a try! It’s really entertaining. This week, I plan on watching Part 2 and 3 as well. I am especially excited for Part 2, so I can see all of the predictions they had for 2015, and how most of them probably did not come true (though a few have, surprisingly).

Have you ever seen any of the Back to the Future movies? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Back to the Future, Part 1

  1. I LOVE BACK TO THE FUTURE…and quess what. I just pulled out the trilogy to binge watch this week as well!!!! Who doesn’t love a good classic 80s flick?!?!?!

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