Happy Birthday to Me!!!


Thirty years ago today, I was born! This is a big birthday for me, and the celebrations didn’t disappoint!

Saturday, my husband and I were able to get an early dinner with my parents! It was both a celebration of my birthday and our wedding anniversary. We were able to eat at a delicious local restaurant, Brasa. The food was wonderful, it was awesome to see my parents, and I got some lovely presents! It was nice to be able to relax, catch up, and have quality time with the people I love.

Yesterday, my husband and I threw a birthday party! We had a handful of guests, played Cards Against Humanity, had lots of laughs, and celebrated! It was so fun to be surrounded by friends and get to spend an evening with them! It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of my 20s!

Today, I was lucky to be able to take the day off work! I have been able to ring in my 30s cuddling with our cats! I love the fall, and today is the perfect fall day: golden leaves, chilly, with a mixture of gloomy and sunny. A present from my husband was delivered today, so I am waiting for him to come home from work to open it! I am apparently very patient!

Because of my birthday, I have not been able to post for the past few days, but I have some awesome posts coming up this week! I will be reviewing a book I recently read, posting a birthday picture, and will be writing a post about Millennials. Stay tuned!


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