Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Lazy Sunday Binge Watch is back! This week’s pick is a show that is new this season, and one that I am really enjoying: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an hour-long comedy show on The CW, which airs on the same night as Jane the Virgin, which will be a later binge watch pick. I personally think it’s a pretty strong night of TV!

The show is about a woman named Rebecca, who leaves her high-powered job in New York City to go live in the same town as her ex-boyfriend, Josh, from when she was a teenager. She wants to win him back, but tries really hard not to come off as the creeper that she is. It is hilarious to watch her scheme to win back Josh, and get him to choose her. She makes so many questionable choices, but you can’t really help but cheer her on. Well, that’s not true. I don’t really cheer her on to win over Josh, but I do want her to be happy.

In addition to Rebecca and her schemes, and Josh, there is an awesome cast of characters. Her best friend and coworker Paula helps her scheme. She is the stereotypical suburban mom, with kids she doesn’t always like, and a husband that she thinks is an idiot. She lives vicariously through Rebecca. She is really funny! Greg is a local bartender, who ends up being a friend of Rebecca’s, though they have a love/hate relationship. There are other characters too, and they are all rather entertaining to watch, and add something to the story.

One of the most unique aspects of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is that it is a musical! Not everything is a song, but there are musical numbers spread throughout the show, and they are hilarious! The songs are in many different styles, and it shows how talented the cast is, because they all sing really well! It also makes the show more funny, because some of the songs are just ridiculous. They are almost like mini music videos, because sometimes the characters’ costume changes, and the songs don’t take place in the actual scene, but outside of it.

This show has been doing pretty well in the reviews, which is awesome! For the most part, it’s been positively reviewed. It has not been doing very well in the ratings though, which worries me. I hate it when I start to watch new shows, really like them, and then they get cancelled because they are not being watched by as many people as the network would like. I really hope that the show doesn’t get cancelled for a while, because there are so many loose ends that I want tied up first!

I think that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the perfect show to watch if you like romantic comedies, “will they/won’t they” scenarios, and stories told in a unique way. It is probably also helpful if you don’t hate musicals, though having a love of musicals isn’t really required, I don’t think. There is generally only 2-3 songs in an hour-long episode, which isn’t that much.

Have you seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Do you watch any shows you think I should try out and write about? Let me know in the comments!


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