PCOS Update


Hello dear readers! I have decided that it’s time to give another update on my PCOS. As a warning, this post is going to be pretty candid about things. So, if it’s something that doesn’t interest you, I would maybe skip this post… Come back tomorrow, I have an awesome post ready for you all!

So, as I have mentioned before, I was diagnosed with PCOS in November after going to a doctor to discuss the fact that my period had been absent for three months. She was basically able to diagnose me right then and there, but did some blood tests to make sure that she wasn’t missing anything. She also had me schedule an ultrasound to see if there were any cysts on my ovaries, which is a pretty common part of PCOS. After the blood work came back consistent with PCOS, I was put on Metformin to control the insulin resistance that so frequently results from the hormone imbalance of PCOS. I was also put on a short run of Progesterone to force my body to have a period, since it had been so long.

The interesting thing it that the ultrasound didn’t show any cysts. It is not uncommon for women with PCOS to not have cysts, and since I have most of the other symptoms, I am pretty confident that my doctor diagnosed me correctly. The Progesterone worked… finally. It was a 10-day prescription, and once that was done, it took about another week before it caused bleeding. That was actually nice, because it waited until after Thanksgiving and Black Friday were over! This is awesome because it was horrible… It was so heavy that it was essentially a week’s worth in less than a day. All of the physical symptoms were worse, to the point where I stayed home from work one day. It did end on its own, however, so I feel pretty good about that. I am interested to see if my body allows me to bleed without medication this month…

Metformin is interesting because it works great for some people, and terribly for others. There are some uncomfortable side effects that some people get. I am lucky that I don’t have those side effects. I can’t speak to whether or not it’s working yet or not, because I haven’t had more blood work done. I am working on my diet and exercise so that I can try to manage the PCOS. The doctor is hoping that I will be able to get in better shape and that may help make the PCOS symptoms better.

Now, I have to decide whether I want to manage my cycle with hormonal birth control, or if I want to keep taking Progesterone to make myself have a period. If I take hormonal birth control, it will obviously prevent me from getting pregnant at this point. Also, I have had issues with birth control pills in the past, and I am hesitant to start taking them again. But, if I just take the Progesterone, there is a better chance of getting pregnant. And, while that would not be a disaster by any means, I would like to be able to get my PCOS under control a little more before that happens. If it ever happens. Infertility is a risk, and something I won’t know about for a while. So, I have some thinking to do. I am getting more used to the diagnosis, and the steps that I will need to take to get it under control. I am also getting used to the idea of having a disease that will never go away. There are still times that it makes me stressed out and sad, but that is to be expected.

I will update you all as things happen. I really hope that my posts help someone out there. It’s hard to feel lost, and reading about other peoples’ experiences have helped me.


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