Week in Podcasts: Anonymous, and email, and Serial, Oh My!



This week, I am going to debut a new feature here on All Things Autumn! I have been trying to listen to more podcasts recently, and I figured, why not share what I listen to with you all? So, every Friday, I will give you a run-down of what I’ve been listening to during the last week! I hope you all enjoy!

I like listening to podcasts when work is quiet. I like to learn new things and there are so many interesting podcasts out there! This week, I decided to listen to a couple of tried and true podcasts that I love along with a couple new ones that I have found! So, this is my week in podcasts:

I listened to a Stuff You Should Know podcast from November about hacktivist group Anonymous. It was really interesting learning how Anonymous got started, and some of the projects the group has worked on. I didn’t realize that one of the first big things that Anonymous did was attack Scientology. I think the Anonymous is really interesting, and I do appreciate that they are taking a stand for causes they believe in, and trying to fight injustices they see in the world. A point they make in the podcast is how impressive it is that there are a group of people who don’t have meetings or much of a hierarchy, and yet they work together for a common cause. I have listened to this podcast before, and they cover some really interesting topics! I would highly suggest it, if you like to learn about how things work, or to get an overview on a topic. They don’t go terribly in-depth, but it holds my attention, and can be really funny and entertaining.

I decided to try the first episode of the #Girlboss podcast, which I didn’t know much about until today. I have seen the book, but I didn’t know much about it. In this podcast, Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal (a fashion retailer), sits down to talk to awesome women who are the boss of their lives. In the first episode, she talks to Charlize Theron! I have lots of respect for Charlize, and it was so interesting hearing about her life and career. She also is a mom, so she talked about what it’s like to be a mom. I am a little unsure if I like the podcast, even though, as a woman and feminist, I think I should. So, I will have to listen to more episodes! There are upcoming episodes where Sophia talks to Grace Helbig and Courtney Love. So, I will definitely give those a try, and let you know what I think!

Like most people who listen to podcasts, I listened to the most recent episode of Serial. Serial is a podcast that covers a story over an entire season. This is the second season, and (in case you don’t know anything about it) it covers the story of Bowe Bergdahl, a US soldier, who was captured and held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan. He was released 5 years later. Since, he has been in trouble because there has been some questions about his deserting his post which put him in the position to be captured. There are also some questions on whether he was brainwashed by the Taliban or is a sympathizer. I am not sure if we will have answers to these questions by the end of the season, but it is really interesting learning about what he went through, and how the US tried to get him back. I am having a hard time with this season, however, because it’s not as interesting to me as the first season. The first season was about a man named Adnan Syed, who was accused on killing his ex-girlfriend in high school, was found guilty, and is currently serving his sentence in prison. There are quite a few questions about whether or not he’s actually guilty. He has always maintained that he had nothing to do with her death. By the end of the season, we’re nowhere near having answers, but enough evidence was uncovered that he is going back on trial for it this year. I hope that this season of Serial ends up being as interesting as last season, so I will keep listening!

A new podcast I found this week is called Code Breaker, and it’s all about tech. This is something that I find really interesting, so I was happy to find a podcast on the topic. The nice thing about this podcast, though, is that it’s something that people will little tech experience would still enjoy. It’s not especially technical, and since we all are surrounded by technology, it is something we can all relate to. This podcast is currently going through a series where it asks if aspects of tech are evil. The first episode, which I listened to this week, talked about whether email is evil! It did this by telling little stories, some which made email seem pretty evil, and some that argued the opposite. I am really excited to listen to more of this podcast, because it’s a really fascinating topic to me. It kept my attention, and there were parts of it that I thought were really funny! It got me thinking, and I learned new things.

Finally, I listened to This American Life. I have been listening to this podcast for a long time, and I love it! This American Life is also a radio program (it mostly airs on National Public Radio here in the US), but it’s also a podcast, and they have a website, where you can find archives of past episodes. The reason I love this show is that every episode has a theme, and the podcast tells about three stories that relate to that theme. The stories look at the theme from different angles, and are usually really thought-provoking. The most recent episode is called, “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS”, and it’s essentially about internet comment sections and trolls. There is a really heartbreaking story about a female comedian who get harassed online all the time, so she’s used to it, until one of her harassers makes a fake Twitter account for her recently deceased father. This event leads to the troll who made the account to realize the damage he was causing, and the two sit down and talk for This American Life. It is really interesting to hear the story from the two perspectives. She gets to tell one of her harassers how his words made her feel, and he was able to try to explain why he targeted her. There are two other acts to the episode, one being about a comment section on a live video feed of a birds nest at a wildlife reserve (it doesn’t sound interesting, but trust me, it is!), and the other being about people writing to This American Life about the young women who report for the show and vocal fry (which is the low, growly, vibration sound that some people make when they talk, especially at the end of sentences). It apparently grates on some people’s nerves. They talked about the comments that people make, and how, for some reason, listeners have always had negative things to say about the young women reporters on the show, even before vocal fry. It was interesting to bring in the gender aspect. This episode was definitely worth listening to!

I hope that you all enjoy my new weekly feature, let me know in the comments! Also, I love hearing about other awesome podcasts, so if you have any suggestions for things I should listen to, let me know!



3 thoughts on “Week in Podcasts: Anonymous, and email, and Serial, Oh My!

  1. Totally agree about the new season of Serial. It’s still a really well produced show but the story just isn’t as interesting for me. That episode of This American Life was also awesome, all of the segments were really interesting.

    I don’t know if you listen to any fiction/storytelling podcasts right now, but I’ve been listening to Limetown and The Black Tapes recently and would recommend them both. They’re both kind of styled around Serial but have fictional stories. They don’t really teach you anything but they’re pretty entertaining!

    • I don’t listen to any fiction podcasts right now, but I’ve heard really good things about The Black Tapes and Limetown, I’ll have to give them a listen! Thanks for the recommendations!

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