Review: mental_floss


I love magazines. I always have. There is just something so exciting about getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill! Especially when it’s something glossy, colorful, and full of interesting things to read and look at! My husband recently gifted me a subscription to my favorite magazine, mental_floss. I actually gave a year-long subscription to my dad for Christmas, because it’s such a unique magazine!

mental floss mag

I have been reading this magazine for a few years, and would pick it up at the store whenever I found it. Lately, it’s been harder to find in the store, which was really heartbreaking for me. Every issue is something different, sometimes there are themes, and the articles in the magazine relate to the theme. Every time, this little glossy book is filled with the most interesting and random information I have ever found! The most recent one has a really interesting little blurb about the history and fun facts related to Zippo lighters! The list of the 500 most important people in history is really awesome too, because there are lots of names on there that aren’t common knowledge.

This magazine is able to pack an amazing amount of knowledge is a relatively small amount of pages. The current issue is 66 pages long, but it’s full of amazing tidbits of information like this: Did you know that the space suit that Neil Armstrong wore when he walked on the moon was designed by Playtex, the bra manufacturer? I will probably never find that information useful (unless I’m playing bar trivia or end up as a contestant on Jeopardy), but I still love it!

There is also a website for mental_floss, and it’s also awesome! The website is full of trivia, quizzes, and videos, with the same attention to detail and focus on unique information! Right now on the website there is an article about German teenagers who rebelled against Hitler. There is also a section of videos, where they have a weekly video series called the List Show. It’s usually hosted by author John Green (he wrote The Fault in Our Stars). One of the most recent episodes is “29 Facts about Dinosaurs”. The videos are definitely worth watching! I could seriously choose it for a Lazy Sunday Binge Watch post, because it’s pretty easy to binge these videos!

I highly recommend this magazine for people who like magazines (obviously) and people who love fun facts and articles that will make them think! I would also recommend this for people who like to read things that will give them conversation starters, there are a lot of conversation starters in mental_floss magazines!

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Have you ever read mental_floss magazine or been to the website? What fun facts do you know?


2 thoughts on “Review: mental_floss

  1. Thank you for sharing – I have never heard of this magazine and now I’m going to try to see if I can find it in a store – or even to sample with my Nook! Enjoy your present!!!

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