Review: The Honest Company Deodorant


One of my goals in becoming an adult is to try to limit the amount of chemicals I put in and on my body, along with the chemicals I use around the house. A few years ago, I heard that babies are being born with about 200 chemicals in their bodies. There isn’t really any indication yet what this means, if anything. Will it increase the risk of cancers or other health problems? But, even without knowing if it is going to cause issues, I just feel like it can’t hurt to limit the amount of chemicals that any future kids I have are exposed to. Besides, I think it’s got to be healthier for me and my family in general.

So, while looking for alternatives for beauty products, I found The Honest Company‘s spray on deodorant! And I have to tell you, I was skeptical at first. I have been using anti-perspirant for years. So, the thought of using a product that would not stop me from sweating did not sound appealing. After researching the product, however, I decided to give it a try!

A little background: The Honest Company was founded by actress Jessica Alba. When she became a mom, she was frustrated at not being able to find products that were effective and safe. She partnered with another new parent, Christopher Gavigan, to make products for baby, health and home that are free from hazardous chemicals, and The Honest Company was created!

honest deodorant

Their deodorant is aluminum-free, and uses essential oils and botanical extracts to eliminate odor. The thing I love most about it is that it doesn’t leave behind any kind of residue (like those lovely deodorant marks I used to get on dark shirts all the time… boo!), and it completely soaks into my skin, so it’s not sticky or gross feeling at all! It comes in three scents: Bergamot Sage, Lavender Vanilla, and the one I chose: Vetiver. The nice thing about the scents is that they are not overly strong or feminine. My husband has used the Honest deodorant, and it doesn’t smell weird or “girly”, but it also doesn’t smell like I am using his deodorant either! I love how it smells, refreshing and clean, but not too strong. It makes my skin feel really soft, which is fantastic!

I have to say, I am still not quite used to the lack of anti-perspirant. It’s not terrible, it just is going to take some getting used to. That is really the only negative I have about the product, though. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for an affordable, effective and chemical-free product!

Please note: I was not paid for my review, nor am I affiliated with The Honest Company. I simply wanted to let you all know about an awesome product I love!


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