Week in Podcasts: The Evil-ness of Technology and Winning Friends



It’s the weekend! I hope that everyone is having a relaxing and lovely day! Also, I hope my US east coast readers are all staying safe and warm after a pretty crazy Minnesota-style blizzard! So far, I’ve talked to my mom, turned on my new essential oil diffuser with bergamot oil, had a delicious cup of coffee from my Nespresso, worked on coding, watched something for tomorrow’s Lazy Sunday Binge Watch post and cuddled with my adorable cats! I would say that’s the start of a successful Saturday!

This week, I listened to some awesome podcasts, and I would like to tell you all about a few of them!

This week, I listened to two episodes of CodeBreaker. In case you didn’t read my last post about podcasts, I talk about CodeBreaker. It is a podcast with a theme of talking about different aspects of technology and whether or not it is evil. I think that’s such an interesting topic, and I’m happy to say that it has definitely kept my attention through more episodes. The first one that I listened to this week is about the Dark Web. Basically, the Dark Web is a part of the internet that the average person does not access. It offers anonymity to people who choose to go there. It has been home to some illegal activity, such as black markets selling weapons and drugs. Even though it gets a reputation for being evil, this episode did show that it might not be evil by definition, it becomes evil when it’s used for evil purposes. There was one part of the story about a couple that turned to the dark web to buy prescription drugs that the woman needs to live. The drugs were so expensive that they were not able to pay for them, without being unable to pay for other important things like food or electricity. The issue of not being able to get essential medicine is not really the point of this post, but it’s really sad that some people are in positions where they can’t. The point of the podcast was that there could be times where using the dark web, even for illegal activities, is perhaps not evil.

The second episode of CodeBreaker was also really awesome. It was about software updates: are they evil? I honestly have had bad experiences with software updates, so I was really interested to see what the podcast had to say about it. They told one really interesting story about the International Space Station, and how it got a faulty software update, which made it difficult for them to communicate with earth. It is amazing to think that one tiny mistake in software coding could cause such a huge piece of technology to not function properly. The second really interesting story was about people who have pacemakers. There was a malfunction in some peoples’ pacemakers that caused them to shock the person after the wires attached to their heart got loose. Not only would that be painful, it could also be deadly. In order to fix this, a software update was sent out to people with the affected pacemakers so that their pacemaker would start beeping if the wires got loose and the person needed surgery. That is a time when a software update has definitely saved lives. So far, I think this has been my favorite episode of CodeBreaker, and I am really excited to listen to more!

I also listened to an episode of This American Life called How to Win Friends and Influence People, and all of the stories related to friendship in some way. There was a really fantastic story by Paul Feig, who is pretty well known writer. It is about how his dad didn’t think that he had friends, so he made Paul read How to Win Friends and Influence People in order to get more friends. It didn’t really work out well. There was also a story by David Sedaris, who is one of my favorite authors, about the popular kids in school, and what happened when one of them hit David in the mouth with a rock. He is hilarious, and so good at telling a story, so that was a really fun segment to listen to. There was also a really sad story about a guy who lost his wife in a car accident. After that, he started dressing up like a superhero whenever he got the chance. He kind of became a local celebrity, which was really interesting. He took the chance to live life to the fullest, which was inspiring.

I didn’t have much time to listen to podcasts this week, but the ones I did listen to were really fantastic!

Let’s chat!
Do you have any podcasts that you have been listening to? Have any of you listened to any of my recommendations?

Have a happy Saturday!



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