Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Super Bowl 50



Two posts today! I have so much to say!!! I couldn’t let a Sunday go by without talking about something to watch… I mean, I have let Sundays go by without giving you guys a pick for something to binge watch, but not today!

As anyone who lives in the United States could tell you, today is one of the biggest days in the sporting world: The Super Bowl. It’s the final championship game for American Football, and it’s kind of become a pretty big event here.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really like sports. Unless it’s my hometown baseball team (Win Twins!!), and I am actually at the ballpark, I just don’t follow it. For some reason, I always watch the Super Bowl. I think maybe it’s because I used to watch it when I was younger, and it was kind of a fun day. My parents and I would make something delicious like chili, watch the game, and enjoy the hilarious commercials and fun half time shows. The commercials aren’t always that great anymore, and the half time show isn’t always that fun either, but it’s tradition. Many people throw huge parties, but my husband and I tend to stay home. We both like it that way, I think.

This year, we placed a bet on who would win so that we would be more invested in the outcome of the game. I am making a traditional Super Bowl food: pizza, but am putting our own little touch on it by making a pizza with Kale, Tomato, Pepperoni and Ricotta. Much healthier than the average pizza, I think!

The halftime show this year is Coldplay, who used to be my favorite band. I don’t really like their new music nearly as much as I used to, but I am still a little excited to see them perform and see how it goes. Last year’s halftime show was Katy Perry, and it was ok. People were focused more on the two people in shark costumes (anyone remember Left Shark?), than on her performance. So, I am pretty interested to see what kind of show Coldplay puts on today. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, Animal Planet has the Puppy Bowl, where you watch a bunch of puppies run around a pen, and it has a football theme, with a referee and all. During halftime, they bring out some kittens, which is also adorable. The point of the Puppy Bowl is to raise awareness on adopting dogs and cats, and it’s so cute. It’s also a really good alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show for those lucky people with cable tv.

I pay more attention to the commercials, which are sometimes pretty creative. Companies pay a lot of money to put their products front and center during the Super Bowl. Many times, the commercials are longer than normal, more awesome, and funny. Most of the commercials are for beer and trucks (since the intended audience of the Super Bowl are the people who drink beer and drive trucks). But, there are sometimes good commercials for other goods and services.

So, today, I’ll be curling up on the couch with my husband, cats, a drink and slice of pizza, and enjoying my first football game of the year.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Super Bowl 50

  1. alice

    Happy Sunday! Firstly, I apologize that the UK have sent you Coldplay! Of all the choices. I agree, their older music is by far better!

    The Bowl doesn’t kick off here until 11:30pm, but coverage does start at 10:50pm (in an hours time). Meaning there are a lot of people over here currently sleeping in order to stay up and watch it. I know nothing about it to be honest, but the hype excites me. Perhaps next year I’ll watch it 🙂

    So, enjoy your Sunday! And enjoy the spectacular that is the Super Bowl.

    • Haha, Coldplay played a bit of Yellow, which is more than I was expecting!

      It is interesting that people there get into the Super Bowl too! There is always a lot of hype, and I am not sure that it’s worth it, but it’s kind of cool watching something that so many others are also watching. The Super Bowl will be in my city in a few years, which is a little crazy, I will br staying inside to avoid the crowds!

  2. I am also not a huge football fan, but I also watch the super bowl every year. My dad and I used to watch it and he would always cheer for the underdog and I usually watched for the commercials. I know I can always rely on Budweiser to have a good puppy commercial, but other than that, I agree that they’re not as good as they used to be.

    The only halftime show I have ever liked was Bruno Mars. He rocked it two years ago. The game was awful and someone made the comment on Facebook, “hey did you see the football game at the Bruno Mars concert?!”

    Enjoy the game. Go Broncos!!

    • Bruno Mars was my favorite part of this year’s halftime show! I hope you liked it too! It’s good that you also have fond childhood Super Bowl memories. I’m still waiting for the puppy commercial, and I’m in the 3rd quarter!

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