Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Super Bowl 50



Two posts today! I have so much to say!!! I couldn’t let a Sunday go by without talking about something to watch… I mean, I have let Sundays go by without giving you guys a pick for something to binge watch, but not today!

As anyone who lives in the United States could tell you, today is one of the biggest days in the sporting world: The Super Bowl. It’s the final championship game for American Football, and it’s kind of become a pretty big event here.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really like sports. Unless it’s my hometown baseball team (Win Twins!!), and I am actually at the ballpark, I just don’t follow it. For some reason, I always watch the Super Bowl. I think maybe it’s because I used to watch it when I was younger, and it was kind of a fun day. My parents and I would make something delicious like chili, watch the game, and enjoy the hilarious commercials and fun half time shows. The commercials aren’t always that great anymore, and the half time show isn’t always that fun either, but it’s tradition. Many people throw huge parties, but my husband and I tend to stay home. We both like it that way, I think.

This year, we placed a bet on who would win so that we would be more invested in the outcome of the game. I am making a traditional Super Bowl food: pizza, but am putting our own little touch on it by making a pizza with Kale, Tomato, Pepperoni and Ricotta. Much healthier than the average pizza, I think!

The halftime show this year is Coldplay, who used to be my favorite band. I don’t really like their new music nearly as much as I used to, but I am still a little excited to see them perform and see how it goes. Last year’s halftime show was Katy Perry, and it was ok. People were focused more on the two people in shark costumes (anyone remember Left Shark?), than on her performance. So, I am pretty interested to see what kind of show Coldplay puts on today. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, Animal Planet has the Puppy Bowl, where you watch a bunch of puppies run around a pen, and it has a football theme, with a referee and all. During halftime, they bring out some kittens, which is also adorable. The point of the Puppy Bowl is to raise awareness on adopting dogs and cats, and it’s so cute. It’s also a really good alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show for those lucky people with cable tv.

I pay more attention to the commercials, which are sometimes pretty creative. Companies pay a lot of money to put their products front and center during the Super Bowl. Many times, the commercials are longer than normal, more awesome, and funny. Most of the commercials are for beer and trucks (since the intended audience of the Super Bowl are the people who drink beer and drive trucks). But, there are sometimes good commercials for other goods and services.

So, today, I’ll be curling up on the couch with my husband, cats, a drink and slice of pizza, and enjoying my first football game of the year.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Deep Thoughts Thursday: Thankfulness


Since today is Thanksgiving in the US, I think it’s the perfect (and obvious) opportunity to talk about thankfulness. I was to start off by saying that I don’t think that people should only talk about and think about what they are thankful for during the holiday season. The holidays are a natural opportunity, but finding things to be thankful for all the time and living with an attitude of gratefulness is really important. As I’ve mentioned, I am trying to make more of an effort to focus on all of the good things in life, all of the things that I am lucky to have. Both when things are going great and not-so-great, I want to reflect on things to be grateful for. I just think it would be good for me to take a step back from my busy life and reflect.

A few days ago, I wrote about some of my favorite things, which would basically sum up what I would say if I were to list the things I am thankful for this year. It’s not that those things don’t bear repeating, but I think I said what I wanted to say. If you didn’t read it, go check it out!

People in the US have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. There are people that basically feel that it is honoring the settlers who came over and brutally treated the indigenous people. While I agree that the slaughtering and taking land from the people who were here first was wrong, and a really dark time in America’s history, Thanksgiving to me isn’t about that at all. To me, it is a time to spend around the table with my family, reflecting on the blessings of the previous year. I spend this time eating more food than I should, and enjoying the company of my loved ones.

One of my favorite things about holidays is how they have evolved. For me, holidays are not necessarily about commemorating the same message as when it was celebrated originally. The beauty of holidays is that there are so many opportunities to make your own traditions. Not everyone eats turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Some people go to multiple dinners, some to one. I used to watch the Thanksgiving parade on TV. I really only stopped a few years ago. My family has Thanksgiving dinner as more of a lunch, so every year, we are at least a little hungry again by dinner time. My mom and I used to make dressing for dinner, since that’s one of our favorite parts of the meal. This year, my husband and I will have chicken enchiladas with a pumpkin enchilada sauce waiting for us in case we get hungry. And, even if we are too full to eat it today, we will be able to eat it tomorrow, and keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive for one more day!

My point is that I have a lot to be thankful for. This year, I am especially thankful for traditions, especially the special traditions I just share with my family.

What about you, dear readers? What are your favorite traditions and holidays? What are you thankful for?

Deep Thoughts Thursday: Cutting Out Sugar in an Ultra-Sweetened World


cutting out sugar

As most of you remember, my husband and I have been working to cut sugar out of our diet this year. If you’re new to All Things Autumn, you can read about our initial decision to cut added sugars out of our diet here. There are updates to our first sugar detox here, here and here. You can also read about our August challenge to not eat at restaurants or eat sugar, there are posts about it here and here. What generally seems to happen is that we do a sugar detox, and go about a month without eating added sugar, and then go on a modified sugarless diet, in which we have added sugar sometimes, but not as much as we used to. At this point, it’s easy to tell when we have had too much added sugar. We both get acid reflux, and generally don’t feel well. The goal is to be able to not feel deprived, but also not get out of control. At first, this was a really difficult balance to find. It’s gotten a little easier, but still something we need to practice.

Through all this time, however, I have found some tricks that make reducing added sugars easier. So, here are five of the best tricks I have found so far for reducing added sugars daily:

  1. At first, DETOX!
    Cutting sugar out of your diet is hard. Even if you’re motivated, and know what to avoid, the pitfalls aren’t always easy to avoid. If you’re a stress eater like I am, one bad day can send you on a spiral. Not everyone has the same experience detoxing from sugar, and not every sugar detox will be the same. For example, the first time my husband and I detoxed from sugar, we went for a few weeks, and I had the most terrible time! I had really bad headaches, mood swings, and just generally hated every minute of it. My husband, on the other hand, didn’t have any problems. He felt totally fine, lost a pant size, and loved it. The second time around, it was basically the complete opposite. Just knowing that not eating something that is not good for me can make me feel so terrible has been a huge motivator in trying to cut added sugars out of my diet. The detox is also hard if you work in a place where treats are readily available, or if you spend time with people that eat a lot of added sugar. It’s not impossible though, I promise!
  2. Research, research, research!
    As I have written about before, our journey into the uncharted waters of cutting out added sugars started when we watched a documentary called Fed Up. The main focus of the movie was childhood obesity, but the information in the movie totally relates to adults as well. After getting some information there, we started looking up information in other places. My absolute favorite resource for information on giving up added sugar comes from Eve O. Schwab, who wrote a book called A Year of No SugarThis book started out as a blog, where she documented her family’s journey through an entire year with no added sugar (with exceptions). I find her writing very honest and can easily relate to it. I am not a parent, but there are struggles that her family goes through that I went through myself. I think it’s important to not only talk about the good parts of giving up sugar, but also the bad parts, because there are quite a few. Another reason I love and absolutely recommend her book is that she also did quite a bit of research prior to making a commitment. She talks about some of her findings, and the things she learned that motivated her to make the change. It’s compelling, entertaining, and inspiring! If you want to cut out (or even just reduce) the amount of added sugar you consume, I highly recommend her book.
  3. Look for acceptable alternatives
    I can tell you from experience that one of the first things that happen when you cut out sugar, after the excited and motivated feeling melts away and reality sets in, is that you feel very deprived. Prior to this, I don’t feel like I ate a whole lot of sugar. Well, besides occasional drinks from coffee shops, and food that aren’t actually sweet but inexplicably contain sugar. Once I started a sugar detox, however, cravings for sweets skyrocketed. Many times, the sense of deprivation is more powerful than the actual desire. The fact that I just couldn’t have a brownie made me want one with a passion. Eve Schwab discusses this as well. So, instead of just feeling sad and deprived, I did even more research to find acceptable alternatives to sugar. In researching sugar addiction, you learn that there are two types of sugar: glucose (which is necessary for body function) and fructose (which isn’t necessary to body function, and causes all of the problems with insulin production). Sweeteners that are glucose don’t raise insulin production in the body, or blood sugar levels, so they are a much better alternative. A few sugar alternatives that are acceptable are dextrose (which you can apparently buy in powdered form from Amazon, but I have not tried this), dates (seriously) and brown rice syrup, which I found in the natural food section of my local grocery store. Brown rice syrup is approximately the color of honey (maybe a little darker) and has the consistency of molasses. It is not as sweet as sugar, honey, molasses or agave, and since it’s a liquid, you can’t really use it in things like cakes and cookies, but I was surprised with how much I liked it. I made banana bread with it, and preferred it to a bread sweetened with sugar. Even more surprisingly, agave and honey are not at all acceptable. I understand honey a little (but I still eat it because there are some health benefits to it that I think outweigh the small amount of it that I eat). Agave was very surprising to me because people have stated that it’s a great alternative to sugar for diabetics. It is, however, 90% fructose, so I am not sure how that works out. My mother-in-law made a pecan pie with agave for when they came over to dinner, and we of course ate it. It made me feel really strange afterwards. Cutting out sugar has made me more sensitive to sugar, and I can feel how it affects my body more than I could before. So, I am steering clear of agave.
  4. Talk about it!
    I have heard this many times: if you have a goal that you’re trying to reach, talk about it with people, because you will feel more of an obligation to succeed. Or, at the very least, you won’t really be able to just fall off the bandwagon without anyone noticing. This is absolutely true. My husband and I of course keep each other accountable and every decision to have sugar ends up being a discussion between the two of us. We have also told family members and friends, who have been very supportive. It has made the process easier. We do still eat sugar sometimes, but it’s just not an option the way it used to be.
  5. Indulge…sometimes
    As I’ve stated above, there is a sense of deprivation when you cut out sugar. In America especially, sugar is everywhere. It’s in just about everything people buy at the grocery store, and it can be a struggle to cut it out of your diet, because the grocery store becomes a more complicated trip than it was before. You have to look at the ingredients on packages to find things that are okay to have. Finding added sugar in deli meat, bread and pasta sauce is very disheartening. But, it’s really exciting when you find things that don’t have added sugar (or, don’t have much added sugar). Just about every time we find something that we want or need that doesn’t have added sugar, I almost feel like throwing confetti into the air to celebrate. There are times, though, where I will indulge, and I don’t feel guilty about it. These are usually parties or family events (or, my birthday is coming up, and I am for sure having a cake!). Balance and moderation are important in our lives, and this is definitely the case when it comes to cutting added sugar out of your diet.

I hope that these tips help those of you who are also trying to cut out or decrease the amount of added sugar you eat! If you want to talk about it more, or have any questions about my specific experience, please comment on this post, or contact me through my contact page! I would love to talk to you all about this experience!

Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Worst Cooks in America


When I was in college, I used to fall asleep to shows on Food Network. I actually learned quite a bit about cooking from watching those shows, which was really valuable for me. Now, the only way I watch shows from Food Network is when they’re available on Netflix. I was so happy to see that they added Worst Cooks in America. It’s fun to see new and different shows added to Netflix, because then there are more unique things to watch.

Worst Cooks in America is a reality competition show where people “audition”, showcasing their cooking. The seasons on Netflix have Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell choosing the people that are the worst cooks in the country, splitting them in two teams, and having everyone compete to see who improves the most. Throughout the show, the contestants learn necessary kitchen skills and learn how to make restaurant-quality food. Every week, the worst performer on each team is sent home.

I don’t normally like reality tv. Or reality competition shows. I do appreciate, though, that this show teaches the contestants relevant and useful skills. People who start off by making terribly unsuccessful omelettes and vanilla fried chicken learn how to make pan sauces and perfect pork chops. They learn what kinds of ingredients work well together. They learn how to work within time constraints. The finalists cook a meal for 3 famous chefs, and the winner gets $25,000.

This show is really entertaining, because you get to watch people try to learn how to cook, while making some really questionable cooking choices. The commentary of chefs Flay and Burrell adds even more humor. There are definitely some cringe-worthy moments in the show, but it’s so exciting when things go well!

There are times when I’m not sure that I like that the whole point of the show is to make fun of people who didn’t learn how to cook, but they mostly understand that they are really bad at it, and so they add to the jokes. No one really takes themselves too seriously, though they are disappointed when they do not do well in a challenge.

This show is perfect for people who love cooking shows and reality competitions. This show is not for people who get squeamish watching cooking shows (people cut themselves, meat is accidentally served raw, and there is some mild butchering (nothing too bad though).

Have you ever seen this show? What’s your favorite cooking show? Let me know in the comments!

Recipe: Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos



I haven’t written a recipe post in a long while! I thought it was time to share another recipe with you all! Today I am going to share with you my take on Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos. Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day for my husband and I, especially on weekdays, when we really need something we can eat on the go or once we get to work. We don’t have much time to make things in the morning, but we are trying to eat more balanced breakfasts, because it sets the tone for the whole day! While browsing on Pinterest, I found this recipe from Stockpiling Moms for breakfast burritos that you make ahead, put in the freezer, and can warm up in the microwave (or oven if you have extra time). I love the idea of making things ahead of time, and breakfast burritos are awesome, so I tweaked this recipe a bit to give it more protein, and I decided to omit the hashbrowns, which are delicious, but a little unnecessary, and can give the breakfast burritos a weird texture sometimes.


I gather all of my ingredients before I start making the burritos, and have everything prepped and ready to go. It is always a big bummer to have to stop assembling something in order to go back and prep. Having everything ready to go saves time and stress.


I tend to like slightly bigger pieces of green onion, because I love the pop of flavor. You can absolutely cut them smaller, or even omit them if you don’t like them. The fresh flavor and bright color makes green onions one of my favorite components in the entire recipe.


Being a Midwesterner, I can tell you that I love cheese. I know that’s a stereotype, but for me, it rings true. For this, I used a mixture of Colby-Jack and a delicious smoked cheddar I picked up at the Farmer’s Market. There are so many different kinds of cheese that would work for this, don’t be afraid to experiment!


I went with ham for this recipe. I love bacon and sausage too, but the ham adds really good flavor, and requires one less step because it’s already cooked! Yay for making things easy on myself!


It seems like a lot of eggs, but since you’re making 10 burritos, it really isn’t that many. Slightly more than 1 egg per serving. Every time I cook eggs, I get crunchy eggs on the side of the pan. I definitely don’t use that part in my burritos! 🙂


I got flour tortillas, but more authentic ones. They aren’t very bready or thick, and the texture is perfect for this recipe! If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could make your own tortillas. I have never tried it, but I’ve heard they are delicious!


So many delicious foods in one place! Don’t arrange your filling like this, it will make the burrito hard to roll. I just wanted to show you approximately how much to put in each. Plus, it looks kind of pretty, I think!


A pile of burritos, all ready to be frozen! I had to keep my husband away from them, he wanted to snack on them because they looked and smelled so good!


Finished product! These aren’t giant burritos (though you could always add more filling stuff to make them bigger, if you would like. They are amazing in the morning, especially now that it’s getting colder here in Minnesota. They are full of flavor and have tons of protein so they keep you full until lunch!

I hope that you like them! And, thank you to Stockpiling Moms for the inspiration for this recipe! I can’t wait to eat my breakfast burrito tomorrow morning! Let me know what you think about these in the comments!

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

  • Servings: 10
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 10 Burrito size tortillas
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 12 eggs
  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 3 green onions, green part thinly sliced
  • 2 c shredded cheese
  • 1 pound meat (ham, bacon, sausage, etc), chopped
  • Hot sauce or salsa
  1. Melt butter in a 12 inch skillet over medium heat. While butter is melting, crack eggs into a bowl, season with salt and pepper, and stir to begin breaking up yolks. Add eggs to the pan, and quickly stir to break up any remaining yolks. Cook, scrambling, about 10 minutes, or until done. Be sure not to overcook them, because you will be heating up the burritos, and you don’t want the eggs to be way too cooked.
  2. Meanwhile, get remaining ingredients ready, and create an assembly line in your workspace to make putting together the burritos easier.
  3. Assemble one burrito at a time by laying a tortilla down on the workspace and, if desired, spread hot sauce or salsa on half of it. Then, add eggs, beans, green onions, cheese, meat and a sprinkle of hot sauce to the tortilla. Try to lay everything down in the shape of a burrito, to make rolling easier. Fold both sides of the tortilla up to the center, fold the bottom edge up around and under the filling, and continue rolling until it looks like a burrito. Set aside, and repeat with remaining tortillas.
  4. Wrap burritos in both parchment paper (so they are easy to heat) and aluminum foil (to keep them secure for traveling and safe from freezer burn). Place in quart size zip top bag (or in the bag the tortillas came in). Place in the freezer.
  5. To serve: either put the desired number of burritos in the fridge overnight to thaw, or take directly from the freezer. To bake in an oven: bake about 15 minutes (longer if they were frozen) in both wrappers. To microwave: remove aluminum foil, place in microwave and heat for 1.5-2 minutes (or slightly longer if frozen).

10 Reasons Why I Love the Minnesota State Fair


A couple days ago, I was checking my email, and I noticed a few emails from WordPress that were not from blogs that I follow. So, of course, I opened them. And, much to my surprise, these emails reminded me that I signed up to take Writing 101 through Blogging U this month! I can’t believe that I forgot about it! I have taken Blogging 101 twice, and tried to take Blogging 201 and Photography 101, so I am not new to Blogging U courses. This one should be fun though because it will challenge me to write every day, which is something I would like to be able to do. Or, at least post more often than I already do. My challenge for myself will be to fit the assignments into my own blogging schedule. Hopefully it works!

Today is Day 2! Yesterday’s assignment was talking about why I write (I added a short section in my About Me section covering this prompt). Today, my assignment is to make a list! Funny enough, I was already going to!

One of my favorite things about living in Minnesota (and one of the only things I like about summer in Minnesota) is the State Fair! It’s a huge deal here, so many people go, and it’s HUGE. I have been going every year pretty much since I can remember, and I make a point to go every year. Sometimes more than once!


This year, since my husband and I had given up sugar, we were not really able to go more than once. I do feel lucky that we were able to go, and it was fun as always! I thought that a good list would be 10 Things I Love About The MN State Fair! For those of you who are not from MN or from the US, Minnesota has a pretty big farming community. Definitely not as big as it used to, but it’s still one of the defining features of this state. So part of the state fair is animals and competitions (which I don’t ever go to, since I am a city girl and those things aren’t particularly interesting to me). Another part of the fair (and the bigger part) is food booths, exhibits, and booths for local businesses, etc. There are also rides and games. It’s a pretty good time!

Without further ado, here is my list of my top 10 favorite things about the MN state fair!

1. I love that there is a sense of community that goes along with the fair. I won’t say that people at the fair aren’t annoying (because there are totally annoying people there), but it’s still really cool to be in a small space with a bunch of people who have things in common. Part of that is also running into friends and family there, which seems to happen every time I do. This year, we ran into two of our favorite people (my husband’s best friend and his girlfriend) who had been living in China for the last year, so we haven’t seen them in a long while! It was the highlight of our day to run into them!

2. Trying new food! The food booths at the fair aren’t just normal things like corn dogs and beer. Part of the fun is that there are booths every year that come up with new food and combinations to try. They are not all winners, but they are definitely a conversation starter. One of the more solid new foods that I was able to try this year was the Irish Apple Tipsy Pie, pictured below. It was basically a hand pie of sorts, and it mostly tasted like a regular apple pie, but it was made with 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey! It didn’t have a strong alcohol taste, but you could definitely tell that there was something special about it.

tipsy pie
3. Another fun thing about the State Fair is the sight seeing. Essentially, things don’t change much. The buildings are generally the same, and you can usually find vendors in the same place every year. I think that’s part of the charm though. Things are obviously different every year, or else there would be no reason to go. There is something kind of fun about seeing some things change and evolve while others are relatively the same. There are a few restaurants at the fair, like Cafe Caribe (pictured below), and they have been there for as long as I can remember. I’ve never actually eaten anything from them though. I’ve never sat inside one, but it’s fun to walk past them, because they sometimes have live music, and seem really festive!
cafe caribe

4. Coffee from the Farmers Union. Like it or not, another thing that defines MN is labor unions. There is a whole area dedicated to the various unions in the state. And, just down the street, the Farmers Union has its own building. This is a definite stop every time I go to the fair. Not only is it just awesome and have some of the nicest people working, it also has the best (private) bathroom on the fairgrounds. And, they serve really fantastic coffee! This year, I tried their Nitro Cold Brew (pictured below). This unique cold coffee was so refreshing and smooth. I wish there was a way to make it at home! I was able to relax with my parents and husband on the Farmers Union patio, and regain some energy over a delicious coffee.

nitro cold press

5. And then, there is the walking! I put in lots of miles over the course of the state fair, which makes me feel much less guilty about the copious amounts of food (particularly fried food) that I eat over the course of the day. People watching is so much fun at the fair, because all kinds of people attend. There is also no other way to get to all the food and things you may want to see. Plus walking is good for you!

6. Seeing the way the lights on the rides are lit up at night. Now, I hate going on rides. I was ok with them when I was younger (though I have not really ever been a daredevil), but now, I just don’t have any interest. But, the lights that illuminate all the rides look so pretty at night. It kind of makes the whole thing a little more romantic, which is hard when every 10 feet it smells like grease and there are thousands of people around you. The fair slows down a bit at night, when most of the people have left and everything is lit up. Plus, with the sun down, it is generally less hot and humid than it is during the day.

food building

7. The “old standards”. There are things that I basically have to eat when I go to the fair. Besides the coffee from the Farmers Union, I also have to have lemonade and a pronto pup. A pronto pup is basically a corn dog, except instead of being coated in a cornmeal batter before being deep fried, it’s battered in more of a flour batter before being deep fried. I do not hold a popular opinion that pronto pups are better than corn dogs, but it’s just my preference.

8. Sharing food! Especially now that I have been through a month of no sugar or restaurants and my appetite has decreased, I love to share food! The best part about it is being able to try many different things, instead of only getting a few things and having to eat them all. My husband and I met my parents at the fair, so we were able to split quite a few different food items between the four of us! This is what I got to try: pork chop on a stick (so much of the food at the fair is served on a stick, I think now it’s not only partially an inside joke, but is also a challenge), taco salad, mini donuts, deep fried bacon wrapped olives, nitro coffee, ice cream sandwich, lemonade, wild rice cheeseburger, craft beer battered onion rings (pictured below), tipsy pie, german root beer, pronto pup, and espresso float. I also feel like I’m missing something that I ate. But, since most everything was split, and we walked so much, it didn’t seem like that much food!

onion rings

9. Live music, everywhere! There are concerts every night at the Grandstand, which I have never been to. You have to pay for admission usually, and for some reason I just have never bought tickets. In addition to those shows, there are free concerts all over the fair, all day long. It adds such a fun element to the fair. Lots of people dance, and it’s just fun. Who doesn’t love live music, right?

10. Finally, one of the things I love about the fair is coming home! I am really introverted and don’t love social situations, so being in public is generally not fun for me. Add on to that the fact that it’s usually really hot and sweaty at the fair, and there are TONS of people. Plus, with all of the walking, it’s a relief to be able to come home. Being able to shower and relax after such a long day feels so good. I always sleep really well after a day at the fair. I love it!

Does anyone else go to something similar? Anyone out there been to the Minnesota State Fair before? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Good Eats



When I was in college, one of the perks of living on campus was the free cable! On my downtime and before falling asleep, I started watching the Food Network. I already knew how to cook before I started watching it, but the techniques and information in the shows taught me so much of what I use today when making food and developing recipes. One of my favorite shows that I discovered then, and still watch today is Good Eats.


One of my favorite things about this show is how much I’ve learned from it. The host, Alton Brown, is not only really funny and creative, but has made a show that explains the science behind cooking. Watching this show, not only do you learn how to cook recipes, you also learn why certain things happen while cooking, like why yeast makes bread rise, and why browning meat before putting it in a stew is a good idea. Every episode is interesting and educational.

I have so much respect for Alton Brown. He seems like he is a really caring person, and he is not afraid to admit when he is wrong about something. One of his episodes is about how he lost 50 pounds, not by going on some fad diet, but by making real changes to his eating habits. He created a diet of 4 lists, which includes food to eat daily, 3 times per week, once a week, and never. And, while I absolutely don’t agree with eating sardines three times a week (yuck), I have seen that it worked for him. I completely agree with making lifestyle changes instead of just being strict until you reach your goal, so I’m glad that he does too!

You can find a collection of episodes from this show on Netflix. I’m really sad that they aren’t all available, because there are ones that I really love. Some of the ones on Netflix are really great though, like the one of spaghetti and meat sauce, for example.

In order to like this show, you would have to at least be sort of interested in food and cooking. There is also some science, educational segments, and history. You don’t really have to be versed in any of these for the show to make sense, but if you absolutely hate science, I don’t think this show is for you. Watching this show hungry is also not advised, because I can guarantee that it will make you hungry! He makes some delicious looking recipes on the show!

Any fans of Good Eats out there? Do you have a favorite episode? Anyone have a favorite cooking show other than Good Eats? Let me know in the comments!