Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Love Actually


Happy Sunday, everyone!

I have been busy getting ready for the holiday season! I have been really stumped on what to give some of my family members for Christmas, but I’m slowly starting to figure it out. I do this to myself every year… I should just think about it and prepare months in advance, and then things wouldn’t seem so hectic come December. Maybe. There’s always something to do.

Yesterday, I spend the afternoon with a friend of mine at her house. We planned on watching Christmas movies and filling out our Christmas cards. We put out snacks, put on Love Actually, got our cards ready (she has twice as many to fill out as I do!), and… watched the movie. And chatted. After the movie was over, we put on Gilmore Girls, and chatted about the show. It was such a fun day! But, I only finished one card… So… looks like I will need to work on that more!

For today’s Lazy Sunday Binge Watch, I am picking Love Actually! The funny thing about it is that I was going to talk about it anyway, but now it’s extra fresh in my memory.

Love Actually is a movie that takes place in London around Christmas. It follows multiple story lines, which fit together like puzzle pieces. Each story line includes a love story of some sort. Some relationships work out, some don’t. Some involve kids, widowers, cheaters, and people with barriers making it difficult for their feelings to be expressed. In the end, some of the stories have happy endings, and some of them don’t, which I really like because it’s more realistic than if everyone got exactly what they wanted, without consequence.

The really awesome thing about this movie is that there are tons of well known actors and actresses in it. This includes Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Keira Knightly, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Alan Rickman, and Billy Bob Thornton. It makes it fun to watch the movie, because there are so many well-known people in it. It’s fun to pick people out and get surprised when someone new comes on the screen.

I recently came across a Buzzfeed article discussing the fact that Love Actually is not a good movie. There are some points made in the article that I think are fair, but definitely not all of them. There are some one-dimensional and misogynistic characters, which isn’t fun to watch, but it’s fairly realistic. Many of us know that guy who thinks that he is God’s gift to women, and thinks that he deserves a woman and blames women when he is single. It’s not the type of man that I would want to spend my time with, but they are, unfortunately, not a rare breed. There is also the fact that one of the characters makes a move on his best friend’s new wife. I agree with Buzzfeed that he shouldn’t do that, because if he liked her and wanted to act on it, he probably should have done so before the wedding, rather than after. I think that the way he did it was pretty cute (his confession written on cards: “To me, you are perfect.”, though his intention in doing that was less to be cute and more to avoid a fight with his friend, who was in the other room.

Perhaps, despite all of those (and other) reasons that the “love” stories in this movie aren’t that great, that is why I like this movie. The stories are messy. They are full of cheaters, misunderstandings, bad intentions, poor timing, and life circumstances, which make the stories less like a fairy tale, and more like the difficult situations people encounter. Is it believable that a british man would fly to Wisconsin, meet 3 beautiful girls in the bar who are all interested in him, have two other cute friends, and it works out for him? No. Is it realistic that someone would go to France to get away from his cheating girlfriend, only to fall in love with the housekeeper, who does not speak English or any other language he could possibly use to communicate with her? And then, have them both learn the others language so that he can surprise her at work with a marriage proposal? Not really. Is it, however, realistic that a husband would have an emotional affair with his assistant at work, and his wife finds out? Yes. That happens all the time. So, of course there are parts of the movie that are weird and not really realistic. But there are others that hit close to home for some people. Besides, aren’t most romantic comedies pretty hard to believe? That’s part of what makes them fun to watch.

Love Actually is not a movie for everyone. If you like romantic comedies, you will probably like this movie. It’s not the most Christmas-y movie, but it is set during the Christmas season.

Let’s chat! What is your favorite Christmas movie? Have you seen Love Actually? Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a favorite story line?


Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Lazy Sunday Binge Watch is back! This week’s pick is a show that is new this season, and one that I am really enjoying: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an hour-long comedy show on The CW, which airs on the same night as Jane the Virgin, which will be a later binge watch pick. I personally think it’s a pretty strong night of TV!

The show is about a woman named Rebecca, who leaves her high-powered job in New York City to go live in the same town as her ex-boyfriend, Josh, from when she was a teenager. She wants to win him back, but tries really hard not to come off as the creeper that she is. It is hilarious to watch her scheme to win back Josh, and get him to choose her. She makes so many questionable choices, but you can’t really help but cheer her on. Well, that’s not true. I don’t really cheer her on to win over Josh, but I do want her to be happy.

In addition to Rebecca and her schemes, and Josh, there is an awesome cast of characters. Her best friend and coworker Paula helps her scheme. She is the stereotypical suburban mom, with kids she doesn’t always like, and a husband that she thinks is an idiot. She lives vicariously through Rebecca. She is really funny! Greg is a local bartender, who ends up being a friend of Rebecca’s, though they have a love/hate relationship. There are other characters too, and they are all rather entertaining to watch, and add something to the story.

One of the most unique aspects of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is that it is a musical! Not everything is a song, but there are musical numbers spread throughout the show, and they are hilarious! The songs are in many different styles, and it shows how talented the cast is, because they all sing really well! It also makes the show more funny, because some of the songs are just ridiculous. They are almost like mini music videos, because sometimes the characters’ costume changes, and the songs don’t take place in the actual scene, but outside of it.

This show has been doing pretty well in the reviews, which is awesome! For the most part, it’s been positively reviewed. It has not been doing very well in the ratings though, which worries me. I hate it when I start to watch new shows, really like them, and then they get cancelled because they are not being watched by as many people as the network would like. I really hope that the show doesn’t get cancelled for a while, because there are so many loose ends that I want tied up first!

I think that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the perfect show to watch if you like romantic comedies, “will they/won’t they” scenarios, and stories told in a unique way. It is probably also helpful if you don’t hate musicals, though having a love of musicals isn’t really required, I don’t think. There is generally only 2-3 songs in an hour-long episode, which isn’t that much.

Have you seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Do you watch any shows you think I should try out and write about? Let me know in the comments!

Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Community


Generally, my weekends go between having so many plans I barely have time to breathe and having absolutely nothing to do (except the chores I wish I could avoid). My favorite way to unwind after a long week is to curl up in front of a good movie or good tv show, especially in the winter, or before going to bed.
My husband and I have loved watching the show Community since we were dating. We have had many days of binge watching it, and it seems like the jokes never get old! We use quotes from it in everyday conversations with each other. Yeah, it’s kind of nerdy, but it’s something we have always bonded over.
I know I have mentioned Community before, but I just need to dedicate a post to it.
It is one of my all-time favorite shows! It is about a group of community college students (all from different backgrounds) who become a Spanish study group. Not all of it is gold, but watching the shenanigans that happen at the school is really entertaining!
This show has been on the verge of cancellation for a couple years because the ratings have been lower than NBC wanted. Even though the ratings are low, the show has a really dedicated fanbase. It even won a viewer’s choice award from Hulu as the most popular show! On Twitter, #sixseasonsandamovie has been trending more than once. It’s an inside joke from the show, but also the rallying cry of fans. If we can get 6 seasons and a movie, we will be satisfied. However, Community’s 4th and 5th seasons were half seasons, and NBC made the unpopular decision to cancel the show this past spring, after the end of Season 5.
Then, Yahoo Screen picked up the show for a 6th season. Yahoo Screen is a free streaming service from Yahoo. It’s relatively new and this is the first big show it has had. Season 6 started a few weeks ago, and even though it’s a little different, it’s still so funny! The writing is a little different, and it has a different dynamic because some cast members fell away, and others joined the cast. But, the changes have actually made for a really great show!
Last week’s episode was the show’s 100th! Not many people thought the show would make it this far, and I am so glad it did! The episode centered around the question of whether the community college gave a degree to a dog. If you haven’t seen this show, I know it seems daunting because it is 6 seasons in, but they are short episodes!
If you like any of these things, you should definitely give Community a try: Arrested Development, The Simpsons, The Sarah Silverman Program, 80s pop culture, 90s pop culture, current pop culture, “meta” humor, referential humor, or any of Joss Whedon’s works (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, etc).
Community is this week’s Lazy Sunday Binge Watch! Have you ever seen the show? Let me know in the comments!