Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Trainwreck


Boy, today has not been a lazy Sunday at all! I would have loved to spend the last day of a long weekend not doing anything, but we had tons to do! My husband and I were actually really productive, and it feels really good!

Now that I have a chance to sit down, I can tell you about this week’s pick of something to watch! I recently watched Trainwreck with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. I generally really like Amy Schemer’s comedy, and I heard that she wrote this movie, so I thought I would give it a try! I watched it with my husband on New Years Eve (we would much rather stay home on NYE…). My first impression is that it’s a hilarious romantic comedy, and something that just about anyone would enjoy.

I think that Trainwreck might be one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s not especially crude or disgusting (though there are some sexual jokes, and if you know anything about Amy Schumer, she doesn’t really sugar coat anything). Bill Hader is always amazingly funny, but I am not sure I’ve really ever seen him as the love interest before, and I thought it was refreshing and awesome!

Basically, this movie is about a woman whose dad told her and her sister when they were kids that monogamy is unrealistic. While it didn’t have as much of an effect on her sister, she has taken it to heart. She dates, and has a boyfriend of sorts, but she never gets too close to anyone. Now that she is an adult, and getting older, she is noticing that she is missing something in her life. She meets Bill Hader, a famous sports physician who also participates in Doctors Without Borders, while writing an article about him. They begin to really like each other, but she doesn’t know how to handle someone wanting to be in a relationship with her. So, of course, in true rom com form, there are some misunderstandings and heartbreaks before both people realize that they have been stupid and need to be together. Trainwreck breaks out of that mold a little, which is nice, but it does still have that basic storyline.

One of the most surprising things about this movie is that LeBron James plays a pretty big role in the movie, and is actually really funny! There are actually a few big name athletes in the movie, but he kind of steals the show! He plays himself in the movie, and Bill Hader is basically his best friend. For some reason, his comedic timing is really impressive to me. It actually makes me respect him quite a bit. Judd Apatow did a great job directing this movie. He is also known for Freaks and Geeks, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and This is 40. This is by far the best movie of his I’ve seen. I can’t speak to whether or not this movie is better than Freaks and Geeks, because I never saw the show (though it’s definitely on my list).

So, if you like funny movies, and especially funny romantic comedies, or aren’t offended by sexual humor at all, I would highly recommend this movie. My husband, who does not like romantic comedies much, and isn’t the hugest fan of crude humor agreed that it was one of the funniest movies he had ever seen.

Have you seen Trainwreck yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


Lazy Sunday Binge Watch: Easy A


This week, a movie is once again my binge watch pick! Easy A is a hilarious movie starring Emma Stone. It is sort of a coming of age movie, but I think it’s something adults can also enjoy.

It’s basically a modern interpretation of The Scarlet Letter, with a John Hughes movie take. It’s a story where a high school girl pretends to have sex with her gay male friend at a party in order to get people to stop spreading rumors about him. In turn, rumors begin spreading about her, especially at the hands of a super Christian bully (played by Amanda Bynes). It’s basically all told in flashbacks, narrated by Emma Stone’s character, who is confessing the whole story to everyone via webcast.

After her friend gets accepted by cooler people at school, word begins to spread amongst the less “desirable” of the male population at the school that she would be willing to help them become more popular, for a price. Of course, everything spirals out of control, and she is soon overwhelmed and buried under all the uncharacteristic lying she’s been doing to her friends, teachers and parents.

There is an unrequited love story, but it’s done with a lot of cute humor, which is refreshing. They’re friends first, and she is able to confide in him when she can’t really confide in anyone else.

The thing I love about this movie is that, even though it’s not something that would happen in real life, the story is told with so much humor and quirkiness. Her parents are absolutely hilarious. It’s just a really cute and entertaining movie. You should definitely watch it if you want to see a cute, quirky romantic comedy that isn’t completely cheesy and predictable.